The first Michelin Guide about cafes and restaurants in Moscow will be presented on October 14

September 15
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A ceremony of awarding Michelin stars to Moscow restaurants and their chefs is due on October 14. “The first issue of the world-famous gastronomical guide about the Russian capital will be presented at the Zaryadye concert hall,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalya Sergunina.

“A date for the presentation of the guide about Moscow cafes and restaurants has been set. The guide will be presented at the Zaryadye concert hall on October 14. In a month, we will know who will feature in the first-ever Michelin guide about the Russian capital,” she said.

Russia will become the 33rd country where the Michelin guide is published, and Moscow will become the first city in the CIS with cafes and restaurants awarded Michelin stars and special signs. This is a long-awaited event for the gastronomical and tourist industries.

The awarding of Michelin stars will further promote gastronomic tourism and enhance the attractiveness of Moscow. Newspapers, magazines, television channels and bloggers in various countries are keenly interested in the outlets listed in the rating, and tell about them and the city where they are located.

When planning a trip, travelers take into account the availability of Michelin-starred cafes and restaurants. For some people, this factor is of secondary importance, but still a major one, and for others, it is decisive. A specific group - that of foodies - is distinguished among tourists. Those who visit countries in the first place to get familiar with the local cuisine are called so.

A Michelin Guide about Moscow restaurants will influence the capital’s gastronomical market as such. The high concentration of cafes and restaurants has already brought about tough competition and permanent improvement of the quality of meals and services. The rating will boost competition and serve as a powerful incentive for the industry to develop.

How the Michelin Guide Is made

The Michelin Guide is one of the most famous and influential rankings for gastronomy in the world. It has been published since 1900. A single mention of a restaurant in the guide, even without star awarding, means recognition of the chef’s mastery.

Selecting cafes and restaurants for the guide is strictly confidential. The inspectors at the Michelin Guide travel anonymously and make a detailed report on each cafe and restaurant. The ranking is compiled on the basis of these reports in the headquarters in Paris.

An outlet can be awarded one Michelin star to three Michelin stars. One star speaks for high-quality meals served at the cafe or restaurant, so it is worthy of a visit. Two stars are given to those outlets that have so excellent cuisine that it is worth a detour to visit while traveling. Three stars mean the highest recognition, they are given to the restaurants that are worth a special trip just to visit a particular city where such restaurants are located.

In addition, the inspectors at the Michelin Guide use some signs for their assessment. The symbol of the company ‘BIB Gourmand’ means ‘serving good food at moderate prices’, the sign with a fork, knife and plate means ‘simply serving good food’, a crossed fork-and-spoon symbol (from one to five signs) means from a simple to luxurious restaurant, a clover symbol is awarded to the restaurants that are in favor of responsible consumption.

Gastronomical industry in Moscow

There are more than 15 thousand public eating facilities in the capital. For the last years, their number has increased two-and-a half times: there were fewer than six thousand public eating facilities in 2009. Supported by the Moscow Government, the number of seasonal cafes has significantly increased, and it is hard to imagine the city without them in spring and summer.

Gastronomical estates or neighbourhoods - spaces with numerous cafes and restaurants - continue to pop up. For example, such spaces are in Kamergersky Pereulok, Pyatnitskaya Street, Trubnaya Street, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Kuznetsky Most (Street), Sretenka Street and Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street. The residents of Moscow and tourists have succeeded in appreciating the modern gastronomical clusters, such as ‘Depo’.

Some markets are transformed into district centers of gastronomy. You can buy fresh products from farmers and specialty products there, make a light meal at food courts, take part in cooking classes or tasting events. There are already more than 30 renovated markets and food clusters in the capital. The popular food chains here neighbor upon small fast-food counters and gastronomic start-ups. Visitors can taste well-known gastronomic or culinary hits and interesting new meals.

Two Moscow public eating facilities are listed in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The chefs who have presented the Michelin-starred restaurants before are working in other Moscow restaurants.


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