The first in Russia 5G-test site launched in Moscow on the basis of the Botkin Hospital

December 28, 2021

The first industrial test site in Russia with the infrastructure of the fifth-generation communication networks (5G) was launched in Moscow on the basis of the Botkin Hospital. Breakthrough digital technologies and healthcare services will be tested here, for which high speed of collecting, processing and transmitting of large amounts of data is important.

According to Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development, the City Botkin Clinical Hospital was not chosen by chance. This is one of the most advanced and equipped institutions in the healthcare system of the capital.

“In 2018, the hospital received the Moscow Government’s grant for implementing innovations into medical practice. It uses navigation systems, high-precision neurosurgical microscopes, 3D modeling technologies in traumatology and orthopedics, artificial intelligence in endoscopy, the Da Vinci robotic surgeon is used daily, recently doctors were awarded the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for the development of innovative treatment technologies for patients with pancreatic necrosis. Thus, the Botkin Hospital is one of the flagships of city healthcare. We are interested in the possibilities of using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies in surgery, ensuring fast transfer of volumetric files obtained during instrumental studies between organizations and other areas that can improve the quality of medical care in the capital,” said Anastasia Rakova.

In the future, it is planned to conduct applied research, testing of prototypes and prototypes of innovative medical solutions and services based on 5G network, on the basis of the test site. In addition, startups will be able to test their developments in practice on the basis of the fifth generation of communication.

The creation of such industrial test sites is provided for by an agreement on interaction for the development of 5G networks in the capital. Sergei Sobyanin and Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseyevsky signed the document this June.

According to Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Information Technology Department Eduard Lysenko, the 5G infrastructure was deployed in the millimeter-wave range, most suitable for use in high-traffic locations. This allows to achieve ultra-high throughput— up to four gigabits per second per user or device, as well as low data transmission latency.

“This opens up a wide range of opportunities for using the fifth-generation communication networks in medicine, where the signal speed and quality are especially important. An example of 5G-based solutions can be round-the-clock monitoring of the patient’s condition, remote consultations in real time and new methods of training medical personnel, including using virtual and augmented reality technologies,” he said.

Within the framework of the project, the Moscow Center for Innovative Technologies in Healthcare is engaged in searching, selecting and testing of medical services. The Botkin Hospital provides its own clinical infrastructure for testing and research. Moscow Department of Information Technologies assists in all stages of the project implementation.

“5G technology is a trendy idea across the world due to its capabilities and multiple use cases. We launched a 5G test site together with our partners on the basis of the Botkin Hospital. Here, 5G will function permanently. This is a unique opportunity for both startups and doctors to test innovative technologies in real clinical conditions and, if necessary, refine their own product together with the leading medical specialists of the city,” said Vyacheslav Shulenin, General Director of the Moscow Center for Innovative Technologies in Healthcare of the Social Development Complex.

Now, together with the Botkin Hospital doctors, the most promising projects that need 5G capabilities are in the process of selection. Developers can apply on the website.

5G industrial test sites are urban complexes, institutions or other facilities where a full-fledged 5G ecosystem will be deployed. Consumers and developers of digital services using 5G technology are actively involved to participation in test sites. Unlike the pilot zones, scenarios for the joint application of 5G technologies in combination with other breakthrough solutions (AR/VR, artificial intelligence, robotics and others) will be tested at the test sites on the basis of city’s existing organizations. The test sites allow to create the most realistic working conditions for new digital technologies.

“The first industrial 5G-test site in Moscow was created ahead of schedule thanks to the joint work of all project participants. Under the conditions of a real clinical infrastructure, innovative medical services and equipment will be tested at the test site, which can fully reveal their capabilities only if supported by the technological advantages of fifth-generation networks. Our project is important not only for the medical industry — thanks to it, the widespread introduction of fifth generation networks in Moscow and in the country as a whole is getting closer,” said Boris Glazkov, Rostelecom Vice President for Strategic Initiatives.

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