The Fellowship of the Ring: Merging the MCC with Moscow’s transport system

February 13, 2018

Moscow residents, tourists and other visitors often have to use buses, the metro and commuter trains to get around the city. The city is doing its best to make these interchanges as convenient and safe as possible. For example, comfortable underpasses and overpasses will be built between MCC stations and radial Moscow Railway routes before the year is out.

Walking underground

Workers are now digging underpasses below two Moscow Railway lines. They will link Severyanin platform on the Moscow Railway’s Yaroslavl Line, due to be relocated by 350 metres, and the MCC’s Rostokino station. The distance between the MCC and the Moscow Railway platforms will be reduced from 620 to 20 metres. Passengers will use these underpasses to change from one train to another. This will prove convenient during inclement weather.

Karacharovo platform on the Moscow Railway’s Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) Line will also be relocated closer to the MCC, and a pedestrian underpass will be built. The underpass will later merge with the city’s largest multi-level transit link/hub. It will link Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa metro station on the Third Interchange Circuit, a station with the same name on the metro’s Kozhukhovskaya Line, the MCC’s Nizhegorodskaya station and bus, trolleybus and tram stops.

Time to build

The Moscow Railway’s Pavelets Line will receive the new Varshavskaya platform, and an underpass will link it with the MCC’s Verkhniye Kotly station. This will help reduce congestion at Nagatinskaya station on the metro’s Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line. Pavelets Railway Station will also become less crowded because passengers will no longer have to get off at this terminus to reach their destinations.

Three new overpasses spanning the tracks will be built on the Pavelets Line, and another overpass spanning the MCC will be upgraded.

There are plans to relocate Leningradskaya platform on the Moscow Railway’s Riga Line. The new platform will feature two terminals, with one of them linking it with the MCC’s Streshnyovo station. The distance between them will be shortened from 320 to 50 metres, allowing commuter train passengers to change to Lastochka trains more quickly. Today, people prefer to change at the Tushinskaya and Dmitrovskaya metro stations, which will handle fewer passengers after this project is complete.

Another construction project is underway near the MCC’s Novokhokhlovskaya station on the Moscow Railway’s Kursk Line. The latter will receive the Novokhokhlovskaya platform with a passenger terminal and a convenient underpass linking the railway with the MCC.

A new overpass is being designed to connect the MCC’s Likhobory station with NATI platform on the Oktyabrskaya Railway that runs from Moscow to St Petersburg. The new overpass will also help passengers cross sections of the unfinished North-East Expressway.

Unlimited traffic

The transport hub will link the MCC, the Moscow Railway’s Savyolovo Line and the unfinished Okruzhnaya station on the metro’s Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line. For this purpose, a railway overpass with Okruzhnaya station will span the MCC. A terminal with passenger lifts and escalators will be built beneath Okruzhnaya station. The distance between the MCC and the railway station will be reduced from 260 to 50 metres. This will help reduce passenger flows at the Timiryazevskaya and Savyolovskaya metro stations.

Construction projects, now underway along six Moscow Railway lines, are to be completed in 2018.

Commuter train passengers using the Moscow Railway’s Kazan and Belarussian lines already appreciate these changes. Convenient overpasses and underpasses link the MCC’s Delovoi Tsentr and Shelepikha stations, as well as with the Testovskaya platform. And an underpass has connected the belt railway’s Andronovka station with Frezer platform.

Hello, metro!

Metro riders will also find it more convenient to use the MCC. Five more metro stations, including four unfinished stations and one operational, will be integrated with the MCC throughout 2018.

The Okruzhnaya transport hub now features an overpass linking Lokomotivny Proyezd with the metro station of the same name. An underpass will link the MCC’s Shelepikha station with the Shelepikha metro station. An improved pavement (sidewalk) along Khoroshovskoye Motorway will allow passengers to reach Khoroshovskaya metro station from Khoroshovo platform.

When the MCC was launched, an overpass connected Botanichesky Sad metro station with the MCC’s Botanichesky Sad station. There are plans to build an underpass in the vicinity.


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