The Face Pay fare system is launched at all metro stations

October 19

Since October 15, the Face Pay service has been launched in all lines and stations of the Moscow metro. It will allow passengers to pay fare using a facial recognition system. This was told by the Deputy Moscow Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov.

"On behalf of the Moscow Mayor, we are launching Face Pay — a fare system using face recognition. Moscow is the first city in the world where the system has started working on such a scale. This is more than 240 metro stations. There are no analogues of Face Pay as for quality and ease of use for passengers anywhere in the world. I emphasize that Face Pay is just another way to pay fare. Connection to the service is voluntary and is performed only if the passenger considers this payment method to be convenient for himself. Other payment methods will not go out of use," Maxim Liksutov said.

To use Face Pay in the metro, you need to link your photo, bank card with funds for paying the fare and Troika card to the service through the ‘Moscow Metro’ application. It is better to do this in advance — registration may take several hours. All information will be securely encrypted — the camera on the ticket barrier reads a biometric key, not a face image or other personal data.

Пресс-служба Московского метрополитена

Next, you should find a special ticket barrier, it will be indicated by the corresponding sticker on the floor. During the passage, you need to look straight into the camera at the ticket barrier. The fare will be debited automatically. The procedure is similar to passing with the help of a bank card.

"To enter the metro, passengers do not need a card or a smartphone — just look into the camera at on the ticket barrier. You don't need to touch your smartphone or any other surfaces. This is very convenient. According to our forecasts, in the next two to three years 10-15 percent of passengers will regularly use Face Pay. If necessary, we will adjust the number of ticket-barriers for Face Pay, if we understand that the demand for it is growing," the Deputy Mayor explained.

Questions and suggestions on the work of the new service can be sent to the chatbot Alexandra or contact the number 3210.


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