The eighth wonder of the world, the Lion Gate and a view of the city: museums opened in Moscow parks

November 19
Parks and pedestrian areas

Autumn weather is a great time to discover new museums, for example, in Moscow parks. For instance, a submarine is moored in the Severnoye Tushino Park, and you can learn secrets of Moscow-style tea drinking in the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve. The most interesting expositions in park museums can be found in the selection.

All museums operate with a maximumof 70 percent occupancy . When visiting exhibitions, you must present a passport and a QR code proving that you were vaccinated or recovered, or have a negative PCR test. Children under 18 should be accompanied by an adult with a QR code. Protective masks and social distancing are required in museums.

Clay toy and wooden ornaments

Many museums have thematic exhibitions. For example, in the Gorky Park Museum you can visit the permanent exhibition “Gorky Park. The Start". The exhibition gives a chance to look at the park by the eyes of its first director, Betty Glan. Full of ideas and energy, the young girl implemented unprecedented projects both for the Soviet Russia and abroad. Until the end of November, the exhibition "Plein air summer in the Gorky Park" will be open in the museum gallery containing paintings by plein air artists.

While visiting the museum, you can mount the viewing point. 25x binoculars will help you observe the park alleys, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Stalin's skyscrapers and the Crimean bridge. The museum and the viewing point are open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (except Monday). You can buy tickets on this link

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve also invites you to enjoy the art. Until spring the park will exhibit art objects made in the hand weaving technique by participants of the 4th Triennial of Textile Art and Contemporary Tapestry.

The museum itself has three permanent exhibitions: "Tsaritsyno of Catherine II", "The Golden Age of the Russian Empire" and "Country Houses of Tsaritsyno". Guests can also visit the "Exhibition of New Arrivals" presenting items that were added to the museum collection over the past 10 years.

An exhibition of St. Petersburg artists "Another tree" is open in the Small Palace. Here, visitors can see jewelry and sculpture works. You can buy tickets for the exhibition online

There are laces for family visiting — the exhibition "Bear toys" in the children’s museum shows how to learn a lot about clay toys.

Cut glassware, Russian troika and Moscow-style tea drinking

Museum-Estate "Kuskovo" opened the exhibition “Cut glassware for everyone”. Dedicated to the 265th anniversary of Gusevsky Cut GlassFactory. Besides the history of this factory the exhibition covers trends of domestic glassmaking. The exposition presents over 200 artefacts of the State Museum of Ceramics collection.

Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve offers a fascinating walk. You can visit the palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich with guided excursion or using an audio guide. This is a reconstruction of a 17th century wooden architecture monument according to survived historical sources. Contemporaries called this royal palace the eighth wonder of the world.

Until November 28, the basement of the palace will show “Moscow glass. The art of mica craftsmen" exhibition, dedicated to muscovite and how it is used in Russian decorative and applied art of the 17th – 20th centuries. Most of the items are presented for the first time.

The exposition "Moscow Tea Party" is also open until March 13, where everyone will be introduced to the history of the samovar and tea ware, to understand the intricacies of Russian tea drinking and tea drinking in Moscow. Until February 14, at the exhibition "Russian Troika" you can learn in Sytny Dvor about emergence of the famous team , see rare books and documents, harness and transport. The exposition brings together almost 700 items from 21 museums and some private collections.

You can also learn a lot at the exhibition "The Art of the Russian Builder of the 14th-19th Centuries" in the Atrium showroom. Visitors will discover techniques and tools of the work of bricklayers, carpenters and blacksmiths, see the bell of Dmitry Motorin, a ceramic panel by Stepan Ivanov (Polubes) and a tiled fireplace by Mikhail Vrubel.

Spyglass, Soviet childhood and history of chocolate

An exposition "Izmailovo — the royal patrimony" opened in the museum-estate "Izmailovo" is interesting for connoisseurs of architecture. Fragments of the Lion's Gate, survived thanks to restoration architect Pyotr Baranovsky, agricultural tools, wood and white stone carving elements, the authentic 17th century water pipe and a telescope manufactured in the Venetian workshop of Leonardo Semitekolo are some exhibits of the collection. You can buy tickets on this link

Sokolniki Park also has a history museum. The exhibitions “Portrait with the Landscape Background. Faces of the Old Sokolniki” and "Park for Children! Leisure in the Soviet era”. Visitors can plunge into the atmosphere of Soviet childhood and learn how Muscovites spent their time in Sokolniki in the 1930s – 1980s.

Museum-estate "Lyublino" invites you to discover old entertainments. At the exhibition "Man and Woman: Life, Etiquette and Love" you can lean about things, that young girls and boys of the second half of the 19th century — early 20th century, could not do without. The exposition "Leonardo da Vinci in 3D" will surprise the audience with the creator's animated inventions.

Before visiting the exhibition "The History of Moscow Chocolate", it is better to have a hearty dinner. The history of great chocolatiers titled "A Supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty", will be presented to visitor. Old boxes of sweets and biscuits and a collection of chocolate eggs, prototypes of modern kinder surprises, are exposed here.

Lovers of literature will admire "In the Silence of the manor" exhibition, commemorating the 200th anniversary Fyodor Dostoevsky’s birth. It presents magazines and publications where novels "Crime and Punishment" and "The Gambler" were first published, stage costumes from films based on the writer's works, and much more. You can visit the exposition with an entrance ticket to the N.A. Durasov palace, daily from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday is a day off.

History of submarine and the Museum of Silence

Visitors to the Museum of the History of the Russian Navy in the Severnoye Tushino Park will visit the Novosibirsk Komsomolets submarine, discover its internal arrangement, see the Eaglet ekranoplan and the SKAT assault boat. Anyone can also visit the exhibition of contemporary marine painters, presented on the first floor of the museum.

In addition, this month will open "Battle of Moscow 80th anniversary" exhibition, dedicated to sailors who participated in the battle.

For those who would like to test their own feelings, it will be interesting to spend time in the interactive museum "In silence". It is located in Kuzminki Park. Here, visitors will learn how to understand each other without words and how people with disabilities perceive the world.

There are also guided tours, quests and interactive classes. For example, the “Guess the scent” master class will teach you how to learn interesting facts about the sense of smell, try to recognize smells and create your own aroma stone.


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