The Dolgovs House to be restored in Meshchansky district

November 15, 2019
Construction and renovation

The Dolgovs House located in the centre of Moscow is in for big restoration. The project has been approved by the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department. Head of the Department Alexei Yemelyanov pointed out that the whole process is to be supervised.

'Our Department specialists have carefully studied and agreed on the project of comprehensive restoration and adaptation of the ancient house of the Dolgovs on Prospekt Mira. As part of the upcoming restoration, vitally important works as strengthening and reinforcement of all structures, including wooden ones, wall brickwork renovation, restoration of foundations, basement waterproofing and replacement of some floor beams have been scheduled,' he said.

The restoration will be focused on the facades and interior decoration. Experts will recreate the white-stone plinth, the historic entrance from the courtyard facade, the roof and the joinery. The chimneys, balcony and grand marble staircase will be restored, with tiled stoves renovated.

An architectural monument with a long history

The Dolgovs House is located in Meshchansky district. It is a cultural heritage site of federal significance.

Since the 1750s, the land in Meshchanskaya Sloboda belonged to Luka Dolgov, the 1st Guild merchant and a reputable citizen. In 1770, he built a three-story stone-made mansion. Today, it is building 16 on Prospekt Mira. Five years later, Dolgov built another mansion on the site, No. 20. In the mid-19th century, he sold it to a Moscow doctor Grigory Zakharyin, Privy Councillor, Honorary Member of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

The building's layout of the early 20th century has survived. At the time, Simbirsk merchant Vasily Aratskov owned the house, designed by the Moscow architect Pavel Visnevsky.


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