The dance of lights and water: Moscow’s most spectacular fountains

July 22
Parks and pedestrian areas

Moscow renovates its landmark fountains and builds new ones under the My District programme. Some fountains combine dancing water jets and light shows. Here are the most spectacular ones.

Light and music fountain at Tsaritsyno Museum and Reserve

The fountain at the Tsaritsyno Museum and Reserve is one of the most famous fountains in Moscow. The fountain in the Middle Tsaritsyno Pond has an impressive size: 52 metres in diameter with over 800 water jets. All of them can reach a height of 15 metres.

The fountain was unveiled in 2007 to mark the 860th anniversary of Moscow. In the summer, it attracts thousands of people, especially in the evening when the 3,000-plus underwater lights are on.

The fountain is famous not only because of its lighting. After the sunset, the fountain begins dancing to the music of classical Russian and foreign composers.

Fountain on Birzhevaya Square

Birzhevaya Square used to host a parking lot, but in 2017-2018, it was replaced by a pedestrian area with a landmark splash fountain.

This is a unique fountain: it looks like a tilted round platform, sometimes compared to a rouble coin. On one side, the nozzles are hidden, on the other, the water flows into a large basin. You cannot walk in the fountain, but you can rest nearby, for the fountain has a convenient parapet.

Depending on the time of day, the fountain operates in several modes: during the day, it shoots up little water, but in the evening, the fountain features a light and music show. Jets of water light up in bright colours and reach several metres in height, dancing to popular Russian and foreign music.

Figurny fountain in Gorky Park

The Figurny (Sculptural) fountain, the main fountain of Gorky Park, is a historical landmark. It was built in the 1930s at the same time as the park, but it was located closer to Krymsky Val Street. In 1955, the structure was moved to the central part of the recreation area, and was fitted with lights prior to the 1980 Olympics.

The dancing fountain pleased park visitors for almost 40 years; in 2018, the fountain was renovated, with its cracks removed, the basin replaced and the pumps repaired.

The renovated fountain opened in the spring of 2019. In the summer, people from all over the city gather there when the coloured water jets dance to classical music.

Splash fountain in Khodynskoye Polye Park

Splash fountains (those without a traditional basin) are becoming increasingly popular in Moscow. A splash fountain covering almost 800 square metres was built in Khodynskoye Polye Park in the Khoroshyovsky District in 2018 under the My District programme.

The jets have enough space between them for people to walk without getting drenched. Over 200 jets work in various modes reaching two metres in height.

In the evening, the fountain is lit and the jets jump, leaving some water in the air, or imitate waves to the music.

Zelenograd’s Pobedy (Victory) Park opened 35 years ago, and the central fountain is its main landmark. The structure is a cascade going down to the city pond, with six basins resembling a waterfall or a mountain brook.

During the recent renovation, the cladding and engineering systems of the fountain were replaced. In 2019, the Cascade received a new look and now has architectural lights. They turn on after the sunset, transforming the fountain into a magical river.


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