The complex improvement of Balchug Island has begun

June 8
Parks and pedestrian areas

In the districts of Zamoskvorechye and Yakimanka, the work on the comprehensive improvement of Sofiyskaya, Raushskaya, Kosmodamianskaya embankments, as well as Faleevsky lane and Repinsky square have began. A little earlier they started on Sadovnicheskaya embankment, Sadovnicheskaya street and two Raushskiye lanes.

“The improvement is being made as part of a unified concept for transformation of the capital embankments, the purpose of which is to make the territory near the water comfortable and functional,” Pyotr Biryukov stressed. - “Since 2011, 32 embankments with a total length of about 60 kilometers have been repaired. In the historical part of the city, a single comfortable walking route has been created along the embankments from the center of Moscow City to Taganskaya Square.”

According to him, one of the features of the implemented project is the idea of dividing the space into historical (along the line of houses) and modern (near the water). For this purpose, different street lights will be installed - some of them will be decorated in the old style and resemble gas ones in appearance.

The parapets of the embankments are accentuated with special lighting consisting of more than 500 lamps. All overhead cables will be removed underground to cable galleries, this will improve the space visibility and appearance. Reconstruction of the drainage network, installation of new rainwater wells is planned.

In the course of the work, the sidewalks will be renewed - they will be paved with granite tiles, and a solid asphalt concrete pavement will be laid on the roadway.

Three comfortable stopping pavilions with wireless Internet and charging stations for gadgets will be created for pedestrians and public transport passengers. 15 direction signs will help the Moscow visitors in navigating in the renewed area.

All green spaces will be preserved along the embankments and about 600 trees and more than 11 thousand shrubs will be planted in addition. Lawns will be landscaped, 5.6 thousand square meters of flower beds will be laid out.

The plantations will separate the sidewalks from the roadway and create a quiet and safe pedestrian zone.

The main improvement works are expected to be completed by September this year.


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