The city’s railway stations: The changing Moscow Central Diameters stations

November 28, 2020

The new stations will dispense with the classical suburban platforms with their small rain roofs and benches for passengers.  According to Mr Sobyanin, these facilities were built when much fewer passengers used commuter trains, and when people had different ideas about comfort.

The new stops, now opening on MCD routes, are, in fact, urban railway stations, used by tens of thousands of people daily, Mr Sobyanin noted.

The new approach towards upgrading MCD stations has several key aspects. First of all, it involves wide passageways and lots of ticket offices, ticket machines and turnstiles. All this will prevent overcrowding and queues even during peak hours. Passengers can also use short and convenient passageways to change to the metro and the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) belt railway.

The Moscow Central Diameters link various lines of the Moscow Railway; the first two MCD routes started operating on 21 November 2019. Millions of Moscow and Moscow Region residents now can shuttle much more quickly, cheaply and comfortably between Moscow and beyond MKAD.

“This is a tremendous project involving the construction of highly complex additional tracks, overpasses, flyovers and access routes. We have to buy hundreds of modern train carriages and improve nearby land as well as subsidise fares, so that the cost of MCD tickets is in line with the price of metro tickets,” Mr Sobyanin noted.

The Belorussko-Savyolovsky MCD-1 route (Odintsovo-Lobnya) and the Kursko-Rizhsky MCD-2 route (Nakhabino-Podolsk) are 52 km and 80 km long respectively. Passengers can change for metro lines and the MCC free of charge at 20 MCD stations. They pay fares with their Troika cards at Wallet rates 90 minutes following the first validation. Later, passengers will be able to use the Leningradsko-Kazansky MCD-3 route and the Kievsko-Gorkovsky MCD-4 route.


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