The capital's Technopark is ranked first in the federal rating for the sixth year in a row

November 7
Economy and entrepreneurship

Technopark “TechnoSpark” took the first place in the 7th National Rating of Technoparks of Russia prepared by the Association of Clusters, Technoparks and Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of Russia. When determining the leader, experts analyzed 21 indicators related to the innovation activity and economic activity of residents, efficiency of its management company. The investment attractiveness, information openness of the technopark and its contribution to sustainable development also mattered.

"TechnoSpark” became the leader among all similar organizations in Russia by all indicators. Another metropolitan technopark,“Kalibr”, was ranked in the category of information openness and contribution to sustainable development. Herewith, every fifth technopark in the national rating is from Moscow, the list includes as much as eight metropolitan sites," said Alexey Fursin, Head of Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

“TechnoSpark” was established in 2012. Now there are 95 companies operating on its territory, and 454 new jobs was created.

“TechnoSpark”'s leading position in the rating of the Association of Clusters, Technoparks and SEZS of Russia means recognition of the effectiveness of a proactive work model. “TechnoSpark” creates lots of technology startups and is engaged in producing them. Seven years ago, this model of work came out as a startup studio.

The main activities of the technopark residents, that generate new growth points in the city, create new high-tech jobs, are robotics, photovoltaics (a field of science at the junction of physics, photochemistry and electrochemistry, specializing in the occurrence of electric current in various materials), flexible electronics, genetics and biotechnology.

In 2020, the technopark managed to adapt to new conditions amid the threat of coronavirus. The technopark did not reduce efficiency, but found new opportunities for growth.

In addition to “TechnoSpark” the rating includes the capital's technoparks “Kalibr”, “Elma”, “Slava”, “Polyus”, “Moskva”, “Nagatino” and “Mosgormash”.

Totally, 40 technoparks were included in the Association of Clusters, Technoparks and Special Economic Zones of Russia of the 7th National Rating of Technoparks of Russia /. The expert council, that determined winners, includes representatives of the State Duma of Russia, as well as those of various ministries and departments.

Today there are 39 technoparks operating in the capital, and six Moscow investment priority projects on creating technoparks. Over 2,090 high-tech companies are located there employing more than 68 thousand people.


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