The Big Circle Line (BCL) tunneling and 10 metro stations are set to be completed by the end of the year

May 22
Construction and renovation

Nine metro stations of the Big Circle Line (BCL) are planned to be put into operation by the end of 2021, Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Moscow Mayor in the Government for Urban Planning Policy and Construction, said.

According to him, at the end of the year, 70 percent of the new circle will be opened for traffic.

Together with the Terekhovo and Kuntsevskaya stations of the BCL western section, the Davydkovo station which is part of the south-western section can be opened. The workers also started mounting engineering systems, carrying out in situ concrete works and finishing premises.

At the Terekhovo station, finishing is underway, and three of the six escalators have already been installed. In situ concrete works, office premises and the platform part finishing, engineering systems and electrical equipment mounting continue at Kuntsevskaya station.

It is expected the opening of the new stations will inspire the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain development, provide new transport routes for dwellers of the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki and Kuntsevo districts, and will also connect the north and north-west of the city. In April, the Narodnoye Opolchenie and Mnevniki stations were already opened here.

In addition, by the end of the year, it is planned to complete the construction of the Aminevskaya, Michurinsky Prospekt, Vernadsky Prospekt, Novatorskaya, Kaluzhskaya, Zyuzino and the reconstruction of Kakhovskaya stations.

At the same time, from Mnevniki station to the reverse dead ends on Aminevskaya station, trains will go in tunnels made by new 10-meter tunneling shields.

Over the past 10 years, the pace of construction has increased significantly. Since 2011, 123.6 kilometers of metro lines have been put into operation in the capital (178.5 kilometers - with taking into account the launch of the Moscow Central Circle), 59 new metro stations and 31 stations of the Moscow Central Circle have been built.

Andrey Bochkarev reminded that the builders have a task to double the number of metro stations. It is now 65 percent complete. In addition to the BCL commissioning, about 30 more stations are planned to be built on the subway lines by 2025. 


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