The art of photography and video editing: The first blogger academy opens in Moscow

September 16

Russia’s first Blogger Academy opens in Moscow on 19 September. This is a joint project of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) and the CyberMoscow educational platform of the Committee on Public Relations and Youth Policy. The purpose of the academy is to teach aspiring bloggers how to present themselves professionally using the tools available on their internet accounts, said Head of the CyberMoscow project Grigory Pashchenko.

The academy is open to students from 7 to 45 years old. Applications are accepted via the link until10 October. The schedule of lectures and workshops will also be published there soon.

Classes will be taught by certified professionals with teaching experience. The study course is one month long and consists of four workshops and four lectures. Students will learn various methods for video recording, how to edit video and do colour correction. They will also learn the basics of public speaking and secrets to successful self-presentation. During the academic process, students will work with shared content and promote their personal pages on social media.

Students will be divided into age groups for the sake of convenience. Junior groups will include students aged 7 to 13, and senior groups 13 to 45. Each group will have a supervisor who will answer questions about the study program.

Budding bloggers will study both offline and online. In-person workshops will be held at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) and the Smart City Pavilion at VDNKh, with all the current COVID-19 restrictions observed. Students will study in small groups (up to ten people in a room at MPEI and up to 50 people at the VDNKh pavilion), seated in a checkerboard pattern for social distancing.

Upon completing the course, students will receive certificates – provided that they attended three in-person workshops, listened to three online lectures and passed the final test.

The Moscow Power Engineering Institute is a higher educational institution specialising in energy, electrical engineering, radio equipment, electronics, IT and management. The university was founded in 1930. In 2010, it was granted the status of a national research university.

The CyberMoscow educational project by the Committee on Public Relations and Youth Policy was first started in November 2019. It was launched by information security experts to counter the growing trend of online misconduct among youth. The committee develops seminars for young people, trains volunteers and internet security coaches.


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