Telemedicine centre doctors assist COVID-19 patients

May 18

Since 23 March, doctors have been allowing some coronavirus patients to be treated at home. As of today, specialists at the telemedicine centre have had over 170,000 online consultations with 45,000 patients.

“Our specialists are staying in contact with their patients and giving advice to them via videoconference. In all, they have had over 170,000 remote consultations since we launched this project. Every patient is also provided with medicine for the period of their treatment. This method of treating COVID-19 patients has proved rather effective. Most of them remain at home until they get better. Only 4 percent have had to be sent to hospital,” Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova explained.

EMS and GPs make initial visits to the patients to examine them and carry out the necessary tests. Patients who are in a stable condition and do not have any serious symptoms are informed of the possibility to get treated at home. However, they and the members of their households are not allowed to leave their homes until they test negative.

The specialists have access to information about patients stored at the Integrated Medical Information Analysis System (IMIAS). If patients develop any serious symptoms and their condition deteriorates, the doctors can make a home visit or send them to hospital.

The Moscow telemedicine centre has 150 skilled doctors online per shift, who can give over 7,000 consultations. All of them have had additional training in the provision of medical assistance to coronavirus patients.

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