Technopolis Moscow to start producing COVID-19 vaccines

November 28, 2020

R-Pharm group will open its plant at the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone. The enterprise will serve as an additional facility for producing COVID-19 vaccines, Vladimir Yefimov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, noted.

“The special economic zone’s capabilities made it possible to arrange a site for the production of the Sputnik V preparation, developed by the Gamaleya Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology in no time at all. The site was made ready in just one month, and everyone worked 24 hours a day. The production facility will have an area of about 20,000 square metres and could result in the creation of about 400 jobs. All the work is now almost complete, and the manufacturer will start installing equipment there soon. Moscow will therefore start producing its own vaccine in the near future,” Mr Yefimov said.

Lots of workers, resources and equipment were involved in getting the site ready. External wall frames were quickly built. Metal structures were fireproofed and treated with corrosion-resistant substances, an external perimeter was established, and a girder cage installed. The workers also built a production platform for installing ventilation equipment and some auxiliary properties. A refrigerating facility, due to cool production equipment and utility mains, is in the final stage of construction and will cover almost 800 square metres.

The plant’s rated capacities also called for additional efforts to generate energy resources, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Moscow City Department of Investment and Industrial Policy.

“Mosgaz workers quickly built a boiler room in the special economic zone. High capacity, a multi-stage safety and security system and eco-friendliness became the main arguments for building a gas-powered boiler room. It took a month to lay a 700-metre gas pipeline inside a trench and above-ground. An overpass for steam pipelines and an air-supply route are now complete, and work is underway to set up a compressor station,” Mr Prokhorov noted.

Assembly operations are nearing completion at the construction site, and modern bioreactors are being installed. The construction project is proceeding faster than planned, and specialists hope to launch production as early as January 2021.


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