Technopolis Moscow entered the world ranking of special economic zones

October 24
Economy and entrepreneurship

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Technopolis Moscow was included in the world ranking Global Free Zones of the Year by the English edition of fDi Magazine, winning in the industry nomination "The development of medical technology and pharmaceuticals related to COVID-19."

This year, 70 special economic zones of different countries were analyzed in different nominations. 27 of them took the lead.

“International experts highly appreciated the performance of Moscow SEZ, which systematically develops a medical technologies cluster. Today, it includes 20 residents manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. In 2020, these enterprises invested over five billion rubles and provided more than 50 percent of the SEZ total investment. In the first half of 2021, they accounted for more than 80 percent of investments - 10 billion rubles,” Alexander Prokhorov, head of the Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department, said.

The Technopolis Moscow produces a wide range of healthcare products - from vital drugs to disinfection equipment. The SEZ Moscow produces drugs for the treatment of various disorders, including renal failure, anticoagulants, and immunosuppressants. Medical devices for emergency medical care, lung ventilators, disinfection and washing installations for the treatment of medical supplies are developed and produced. The vaccines are also produced here, a plant for the production of cancer drugs was opened.

The development of the cluster was made possible due to the fact that companies promptly responded to market needs during the pandemic. An important role was played by the SEZ support in the form of additional benefits established in 2020 due to the coronavirus. For example, for three months the rent rate for enterprises suspended their activities was reduced by half. Also, services for entrepreneurs working at the Moscow SEZ site are constantly being improved.

Last year, eight Russian SEZs were awarded in various nominations of the Global Free Zones of the Year, and this year only four. But the value of these awards is much higher, said Gennady Degtev, General Director of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ.

“The international recognition of the Moscow SEZ and its merits in the development of medical technologies to fight against COVID-19 emphasizes the effectiveness of the entire technological community of the Moscow SEZ. Technopolis residents significantly contributed to the fight against coronavirus both in Russia and abroad. In 2020 alone, the SEZ enterprises supplied more than eight thousand units of goods to fight the pandemic in 45 regions of the country. The products are used in various institutions - hospitals, schools, federal departments and universities. Work in this area continues,” he said.

A wide range of preferences for SEZ residents contributes to constant R&D activities. Among them are a preferential rate for land lease, the ability to buy out a leased plot for one percent of the cadastral value after the site is put into operation, a zero tax rate on land, transport and property. Companies pay income tax at a rate of two percent instead of 20.

Along with the SEZ Technopolis Moscow, three more special economic zones of Russia - Kaliningrad, Innopolis and Dubna - were named the winners of 2021.

The Technopolis Moscow SEZ includes five sites with a total area of ​​over 200 hectares. One of them is located in Pechatniki, the rest - in Zelenograd (Alabushevo, Mikron, Angstrem and MIET). Today about 200 high-tech companies operate here. 88 of them have resident status.


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