Team games: Parks for volleyball, basketball and football

August 25

Playing football or volleyball with your friends, polishing up tennis serving or simply trying to improve the accuracy of  basketball shots – all this can be done in Moscow parks. There are now over 90 complimentary playgrounds for team games.

Severnoye Tushino Park leads by the number of sports playgrounds. Eleven complimentary sports areas are available: a court for basketball, five for volleyball, three for tennis and two multipurpose playgrounds for football and basketball.

The basketball area and two multipurpose playgrounds are situated in the middle of the park. They are fenced off and have rubber surfaces so that any falls will not be so hard. Volleyball players have three sand courts beside the beach area and two courts with rubber surfaces near to the apple orchard. Those, who go in for tennis, can practice at two rubber surfaced courts in the centre of the park. Clay courts are also available close by to the apple orchard.

Severnoye Tushino Park shares its first place by the number of playgrounds for team games with Borisovskiye Ponds Park. It also has 11 sports grounds. Football lovers can choose from three fields: the largest one with artificial turf (near the Church of the Trinity), the medium-sized pitch with a rubber surface (in front of 8 Marshala Zakharova Street, Block. 3) and the small asphalt field (vis-a-vis 10 Marshala Zakharova Street, Blосk . 2). Basketball enthusiasts can play at any of the four courts with a rubber surface: two are located between the Gorodnya  River and Borisovsky Proyezd and the other two are not so far away from Marshala Zakharova Street.

М. Денисов.

The two volleyball courts with rubber surfaces are also quite close  to 10 Marshala Zakharova Street, Block. 2. There is also a sand playground for volleyball in the summer months and a multipurpose rubber floor place that can be used for both basketball and volleyball not so very far away from the Church of the Trinity.

Izmailovsky Park comes second when it comes to  the number of places for team games. A field with artificial turf for playing five-a-side has been created beside the pavilion for curling and the basketball and volleyball courts with rubber surfaces as well as the football pitch with artificial turf are situated by the public garden along the Entuziastov Motorway. The central part of the park has a somewhat unusual sports area also with a rubber surface. In this place there are benches intended for sports fans right behind the chess-and-checkers pavilion. This part of the park consists of several courts: one for  basketball, another for  streetball and two for volleyball.

Raduga Park near ponds  comes third by the number of its playgrounds: it has eight places for team games. Its main sports location is a large artificial turf football pitch and a locker room. It is situated by the Church of St Alexis of Moscow. There are two multipurpose sports grounds beside the Veterans Area: a volleyball court and a hockey arena. There’s a basketball court near the seating gallery. They all have rubber surfaces.

The park also boasts three tennis courts. The largest one, with artificial grass, is close to the football pitch. The two other courts with rubber surfaces are not so far away from the Chess Hall and the Bolshoi Grafsky Pond.

Six complimentary  sports areas are available  in the public garden in Olonetsky Proyezd. They include: a field for five-a-side vis-à-vis 11 Sukhonskaya Street, a basketball court on the eastern bank of the Yauza River, a basketball court by Medvedkovo Metro Bridge and three tennis courts. Tennis can also be played on the artificial grass court beside the skate-park and Medvedkovo Metro Bridge. One more court, now with a rubber surface, is in front of 1 Sukhonskaya Street.

Team game locations:

— Fili Park (three multipurpose playgrounds, a football pitch and a volleyball court)

— Tsaritsino Museum-Reserve (volleyball court)

— Gorky Park (basketball court)

— Krasnaya Presnya Park (a football pitch and a multipurpose sports ground)

— Vorontsovsky Park (two volleyball courts and a multipurpose sports ground)

— Sokolniki Park (beach volleyball area)

— Dzhamgarovsky Pond Park (two volleyball courts, a place for five-a-side and a tennis court)

— Mitino Landscape Park (a place for five-a-side, volleyball and tennis courts)

— Levoberezhye recreation area (three volleyball courts and a football pitch)

— Khodynkskoye Polye Park (a volleyball court, a basketball court and a tennis court)

— Lianozovo Park (a basketball court, a volleyball court and a panna site )

— Angarskiye Ponds Park (a volleyball court, a tennis court and a place for five-a-side)

— Gonchrovsky Park (a volleyball court and a multipurpose sports ground)

— Perovsky Park (a beach volleyball area)—  Terletskfya Dubrava  recreation area (a volleyball court, a tennis court, a basketball court and a football pitch)

— Bauman Garden (volleyball court)

— Kuzminki Park (beach volleyball area)

— Sadovniki Park (two courts for beach volleyball and a multipurpose sports ground)

— Borisovskiye Ponds (two multipurpose sports grounds)

— Kuzminki-Lyublino Nature and Historical Park (beach volleyball area) 


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