Take a ride on the Orchid, Aster or Lavender: riverboats with flower names cruise along the Moskva River

May 24

Ten riverboats have launched their daily cruises on the Moskva River on two routes: either from Ukraina Hotel or from Gorky Park to Novospassky Bridge. Water transport will carry Moscow residents and tourists until October.

Riverboats are easily recognised by the bright colour of the body with each of them named after a flower — yellow 'Sunflower', dark blue 'Cornflower', light blue 'Forget-Me-Not', and green 'Orchid'. You may also admire a pink riverboat called 'Rose', orange 'Aster', red 'Carnation', burgundy 'Tulip', lilac 'Lavender' and the same colour 'Fuchsia' cruising up and down the Moskva River.

"River walks are growing popular in Moscow. Taking a trip on a riverboat, you will not only recreate from the city bustle and stress, but will also have an opportunity to admire beauty of Moscow landscapes. Moscow residents and guests may view the city from a different side. Water transport routes pass by the major attractions, the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Zaryadye Park and other Moscow landmarks. Rainbow colours of riverboats cheer up passengers and make the journey even more memorable," said the Press Service of the Moscow  Committee for Tourism.

This modern passenger water transport boasts climate control system and a retractable telescopic glass roof. Depending on the weather, the roof can cover the deck or slide back, like the roof of a convertible car. This allows passengers to go out to get some fresh air or take shelter under the roof if it starts raining or if the wind is too strong.

River 'convertibles' cruise along the Moskva River from 11:00 am to 01:00 am. You can start your mini-cruise from two quays, located near Ukraina Hotel and Gorky Park. Boats run at 30-minute intervals.  Each route has stops at Kievsky Railway Station, Luzhniki, Vorobyovy Gory, Gorky Park, Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge, Zaryadye and Novospassky Bridge quays. Each boat can accommodate 44 passengers.

They are fitted with an audio guide  speaking six languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, French and German. During the trip along the river, passengers are offered light snacks and drinks. Tickets can be purchased on board.

In 2020, Moscow is to launch a new type of public transport, that is water transport. The pilot route will run along the Moskva River from Kievsky Railway Station to Nizhniye Mnyovniki. It will connect the Moscow Сity Business Centre, city parks and Kievsky Railway Station. There will be seven quay stops: Kievsky Railway Station, Krasnaya Presnya, Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment, Zapadny Port, Heart of the Capital Housing Complex, Verkhniye Mnyovniki and Nizhniye Mnyovniki. With water route launch, the Moscow residents will enjoy new transport connection. Quays are located close to metro stations, the Moscow Central Circle and ground passenger transport stops. You may pay for a trip at city rates, in particular with the Troika Smartcard.

Summer passenger navigation on the Moskva River usually opens in April and lasts until October. Its exact timing depends on weather conditions. At this time, cruisers of several carriers are operational across Moscow and in the nearest suburbs.

In recent years, commercial companies have established a winter river fleet, so river trips are also available in the cold season. River icebreakers run even in the coldest days. As a rule, the winter season of trips along Moskva River starts in November.  All-season ice-class boats with reinforced hull cruise along the main Moscow waterway. The vessels can crush broken ice up to 20 cm thick. During severe cold weather, when the river freezes deeper, icebreakers are the first to clear it from the ice.

Source: mos.ru

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