Taimyr dumplings and rainbow trout waffles: specialities to try on the National Unity Day

October 30, 2019

Foods according to national recipes will be cooked at the National Unity Day festival.  Festival  participants will try a variety of soups, fish, meat and vegetables meals, pastries, as well as berries and herbs hot beverages.

Crimean chebureks and Khakass tea

Taste the best gastronomic hits at Revolyutsii Square. Restaurant chalets will offer Taimyr dumplings, Bryansk dranikis (potato flapjacks), Crimean chebureks, Tatar pie, Karelian skants (thin crispy flatbread) and Khakass thyme tea. Fried smelt will be cooked according to the Far Eastern recipe. Try vegetables cooked over an open fire according to Kuban recipe. Representatives of the Orel region will offer pumpkin flat cakes and pine nuts.

Taste favourite foods of the Khabarovsk territory residents in Shkolnaya Street, rainbow trout waffles and giant grenadier cold pie. Dessert will be offered, too. Have a cup of tea and pancakes with Ussuri honey.

On Dmitriya Donskogo Boulevard, you will be treated to meals common for Irkutsk region. Festival guests will have lamb flatbread, Siberian cranberries jam doughnuts and tea with cedar milk.

Moscow-style solyanka  and Pomor kezh

Meals cooked according to the traditional recipes of the Altai territory will be served in Matveyevskaya Street. Try waffles with kaimak (thick cream) and Altai mountain herbs tea. In Pererva Street, guests will get acquainted the Arkhangelsk region cuisine. Festival participants will cook nourishing Pomor fish soup and Pomor kezh (berry starch jelly).

Treats from the Republic of Tyva and Sverdlovsk region will be offered on Slavy Square. Millet porridge and khushuur (chebureks) will be cooked there according to an old Turkic recipe. Visit Profsoyuznaya  Street to try Dagestan sweets. Orekhovy Boulevard will treat guests to  Moscow-style solyanka, and pancakes with apples, honey and cinnamon.

The National Unity Day festival will run in Moscow 2 to 4 November. This year, the festive program will cover 30 venues. Visitors are in for immersive performances, concerts, ancient games, handicraft and cooking master classes.

Source: mos.ru

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