Summertime: Parks good for photos

August 22
Parks and pedestrian areas

During the summer months Moscow’s Department of Culture parks are popular places when it comes to taking photos. has a few hints on where best to go to photograph really beautiful and gripping pictures.

Pergolas and palace for lovers and newlyweds

The Hermitage Garden has two pergolas nearby to the New Opera theatre. What is so special about them is that they are beautifully designed out of cast iron. These are considered excellent places to take romantic, vintage-style or wedding photos.

Those who are interested in making “vintage” photos as well as couples and newlyweds might head for the Tsaritsino Museum Reserve and its main photography location which is the lawn in front of the Grand Palace. A magnificent view of the estate ensemble and green grass unfolds from there. Vasily Bazhenov, the architect responsible for starting to build the palace and the park complex in the 18th century, saw this green area as somewhere for celebrations and strolls. Now it is where important events take place and a photo opportunity area. Newlyweds, lovers and other visitors often pose against the background of the Grand Palace, plus the site is excellent for recreating “18th century style” pictures.

Yulia Ivanko,

Another popular spot for wedding photos is Kuzminki Park where there’s an ornamental metal bench dedicated to the family, love and faithfulness. The design is that of hearts and wings. It is supplemented with a wishtree, on which lovers hang padlocks as a token of love.

Maxim Denisov,

Ethnic motives and framed landscapes for nature lovers

Against the background of natural landscapes in recreation areas there are many places where pictures can be taken. Bibirevo ethnographic village is considered excellent for taking Russian folk style picturesque photos. Its main point of interest is a decorative pedestrian bridge over the Chermyanka River with unique timber pillars. The banks are reinforced with logs and boardwalks stretch all across the park.

Yulia Ivanko,

Izmailovsky Park has the Krugly (Round) Pond, boating station and  Ferris wheel where people tend to take photos. Contrary to its name, the pond is shaped like a horseshoe, not a circle. Sitting in a boat or catamaran photographers take pictures against a beautiful islet in the middle.

Picturesque views for a photo are also to be found from the observation point at Mitino landscape park. It is located beside Festivalnaya Square. A structure in the form of a big picture frame has been put there for unusual selfies and pictures. A person simply has to pop into the frame and their portrait can be taken against the background of the green park.

Maxim Denisov,

Astronomers’ garden and submarine for space and deep sea explorers

Astronomers’ garden is another unusual location where photos can be taken left of Sokolniki Park. People can take brilliant pictures there on the background of planets painted as the Solar system’s celestial bodies. The planets are interconnected by paths and orbits lit by LED strips after dusk. Really good “space” pictures can be taken thanks to the bright lighting.

The military equipment site of the Museum and Memorial Complex of Russian Naval History can often be found in the photos taken by people who have been to Severnoye Tushino Park and this not surprising: a lot of exhibits are displayed there outdoors. Selfies can be made against the background of a B-396 submarine, an Orlyonok ground-effect vehicle and a Skat air-cushioned landing craft as well as a photo together with a Synthez pop-up antenna used for transmitting data via a space communication system. Military hardware fans might be tempted to be photographed beside the Holla anchor like the one that the Aurora cruiser was equipped with. The Naval History Museum is situated on the bank of Khimki Reservoir by the southern entrance to the park.

Yevgeny Samarin,

Park fountains can also serve as a good background for summer photos. One of the most famous fountains, Figurny, can be found   in Gorky Park. During daytime hours nice pictures can be taken where the water jets shoot high into the air against the Stalin Empire style railings and the monumental main entrance arch. In the evening, between 10.30 and 10.55 pm, the fountain looks like it’s dancing. Its jets are lit up in different colours and depending on what kind of musical rhythm there is change their length.

Moscow parks are pleasant places not only for taking pictures, walking, doing sports and spending free time but also for celebrations. For example, couples can register their wedding and celebrate in park estates, rotundas or pavilions of 11 recreation areas. In Tsaritsino Museum Reserve a gala registration party is on offer and will be conducted by a MC in 18th century attire and in Kuskovo estate newlyweds and their guests will be able to participate in a quest.​


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