Summer Stage to open in Gorky Park

May 18, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

Gorky Park opens Summer Stage on 18 May, the Parks Day. It is located on a glade near Golitsyn Pond and Pushkinskaya Embankment. The concert venue will be open until the end of September. Throughout the summer, it will host performances of young musicians, whose repertoire includes works of different styles (funk, jazz, indie rock, disco, modern classics, electronics).

Performances are expected to be held three days a week. On Friday, guests will listen to music from 07:00 pm or 08:00 pm, with earlier start on Saturday and Sunday, depending on the format. For example, long DJ sets may start during the day and last until late at night. Free admission.

"In summer, our Park always holds musical concerts and festivals. We construct special stages and then dismantle them in autumn. Regular performances within one venue throughout the summer are new for Gorky Park. Our main goal is to introduce visitors to our young and little-known artists. Guests may walk along the paths of the Park, roller-skate and bike to the sound of music, or come to the glade and listen to their favourite music while lying on a lounger chair or grass or, perhaps, dancing to its rhythms. By the way, Summer Stage in Gorky Park worked in trial mode on 1 May, summer season's opening day with a test drive of musical equipment lasting almost seven hours in a row and performances being successfully held," said Boris Bolelov, Deputy Director for Gorky Park Cultural Events.

So, on Saturday, 18 May, Dezery band, since its appearance 2.5 years ago, have been playlisted by radio stations and released a few music videos, will perform on this stage. The band will perform songs from their new 'Demons' album together with some well-known ones. The concert will start at 06:00 pm.

On Sunday, 19 May, visitors will enjoy atmospheric disco by ON Robot. The list of the next performances will be published on the Gorky Park's website.

By the way, the Summer Stage still invites musicians to perform. To apply, send a link to your albums, music clips and videos of live performances to [email protected]. If agreed, you'll get a reply within a week.

On Parks Day, Gorky Park also offers workshops to attend, in addition to music. So, at 11:30 am, the dance floor on the Central Alley will host fencing lessons, at 01:00 pm, Zumba training will start there (fitness accompanies by Latin American music), and at 04:00 pm it will offer a ballet training lesson for children. On Parks Day, 15 Moscow recreation areas, including the Bauman Garden, Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora and Zaryadye Park will also offer special program to attend.


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