Summer in the city: about 400,000 people visited VDNKh within 3 days

June 5
Parks and pedestrian areas

From 31 May to 2 June, about 400,000 people visited the exhibition.  Russian major exhibition hosted World Ballet Holidays, Multimir festivals and a birthday party of the Active Citizen project. Guests also enjoyed master classes, lectures and concerts.

World Ballet Holidays festival was held at the VDNKh's Friendship of Peoples Square. Within the three days, there were concerts held with almost a thousand dancers from more than 10 countries. Free master class by Nikolai Tsiskaridze was the festival's highlight attended by over a thousand people. This master class has even entered into the Russian Book of Records as the most large-scale ballet class.

7 additional interactive festival venues held master classes in more than 30 dance styles. 2,200 children attended the classes.

Celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Active Citizen project featured another prominent weekend event.  Promyshlennosti Square hosted master classes, and the stage hosted meet-the-artist event with composer Grigory Gladkov, theatre and cinema actor Vasily Lanovoy, writer Oleg Roy, poet and songwriter Mikhail Nozhkin and choreographer Yegor Druzhinin. Bratya Grim band, singer Dante and other Russian musicians also performed at the VDNKh.

VDNKh Expo Pavilion No. 75 hosted Multimir, the largest animation festival traditionally timed to the Children's Day.

The 4th season of the summer insightful program started on the first day of summer. 'Gardens and Children' school held its first classes, and Moskvarium presented a show premiere. Alexander Vasiliyev's exhibition 'VDNH in fashion. 1939-2019' and Slovo Slavic Writing Centre were open for visiting. Handicrafts Park held workshops, and the City Farm presented the 'Hares on the Farm' entertainment program.

World ballet and Green Theatre opening: VDNKh's anniversary events How VDNKh has changed by its 80th year

In 2019, VDNKh celebrates its 80th anniversary. The anniversary season started on 30 April. The celebration programme includes more than 100 events,  with the Green Theatre opening, Vdokhnoveniye Festival of Arts, Music on the Roof project, Brass Band Festival and others among them.


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