“Summer in the City”: a Special Menu is to be Presented at the Moscow Fairgrounds

August 2
Economy and entrepreneurship

In Moscow, the format of fair trade, so beloved by Moscow residents, is expanding. Now in Moscow, 125 sites have been identified to hold the fairs. Soon, at 18 fairgrounds it will be possible not only to purchase fresh farm products, but also to taste unusual dishes. The Summer in the City project will support Moscow restaurateurs. Over 50 trade and public catering enterprises will offer unusual desserts to Moscow residents cooked according to original and old recipes - more than 200 types of ice cream and jam, as well as a special restaurant menu.

The Summer in the City is a real gastronomic journey around the world. At the fairs not only dishes from different regions of Russia, but also from other countries - England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Japan can be tasted. This is an opportunity to plunge into their traditions, get to know the culture better and discover new unique and inimitable dishes.

One of the largest fair participants will be a restaurant holding, which has 13 projects in Moscow. The menu includes fresh and delicious seafood, grilled dishes, pastries and a variety of drinks.

The restaurant on Tverskaya Square will present a vinegret of seasonal root vegetables with dandelion buds, Moscow pies and borscht, Russian pancakes, cheesecakes made from melted cottage cheese with condensed milk, Valaam cabbage soup with mushrooms and much more. There the Japanese mochi cake, the recipe of which is more than 500 years old, should be definitely tried. Lovers of Italian cuisine can pay attention to the traditional ice cream of this country - gelato. It is cooked in small portions from milk, cream and sugar adding fresh fruits, berries, nuts and real chocolate.

A delicacy cooked according to traditional Turkish recipes — dondurma — until recently could not be found in Moscow. It differs from the airy and delicate ice cream we are used to. It is more dense, viscous, plastery and does not melt for a long time. This consistency is obtained due to using flour from wild orchid tubers and mastic. In Moscow, only a few knew the technology of its production. This gastronomic gap was decided to be filled by a family of entrepreneurs from Moscow, who sent cooks to study with experienced Turkish masters. Now real dondurma can be tasted at the Summer in the City fair.

The restaurant, located on Revolution Square, will delight visitors not only with dishes, but also with original presentation. For example, the pasta will not be served on a plate, but on the head of Parmesan cheese. The Spanish fried milk on a stick also can be tried. Manufacturers have prepared amazing cold desserts for Moscow residents and guests of the city: a lactose-free one based on rice and coconut milk, sorbets with sugar-free spices, ice cream with the taste of Sicilian pistachio, which is called green gold, with gorgonzola - Italian delicate cheese with mold, salted caramel, and much more.

The assortment of jams is also amazing. For example, jams made of bacon, chili, nutmeg, kiwi, pineapple and orange, blueberry with cornflower, apple with ginger and peanuts, carrot jam with calendula, crowberry jam with cherry, dogwood with almonds.

Manufacturers from the North Caucasus will present their products. It is there, in an ecologically clean area, that the most delicious berries are grown, from which original desserts are made. The crop is harvested twice a year, only spring water is used for harvesting. The guests can enjoy craft sauces without preservatives and thickeners: berry, fruit and tomato sauces, as well as authentic jams with a low sugar content and reduced cooking time. In addition, at the fairgrounds one can taste grilled melon with bacon, grilled nectarine with caramel syrup and cinnamon, fruit and scallop brochettes.

In the hottest weather, visitors will be able to refresh themselves with cool lemonades: cucumber with elderberry, aperol, cherry, watermelon-cucumber, cocktail based on pear and basil, author's lemonade based on lemon, mint adding honey. For coffee lovers, there is also a drink after their heart — cold frappuccino.

Two fairgrounds will operate in the center of Moscow — on Tverskaya Square and Revolution Square. The remaining 16 are located in other districts of Moscow. They can be visited from Thursday to Sunday, while observing safety measures: wear masks and keep social distance.

Source: mos.ru

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