Summer hobbies: Moscow parks to launch free courses

June 1
Parks and pedestrian areas

This summer, Moscow parks invite to attend free sports, creative and educational courses for adults to be held on a regular basis. Sign up for them by calling the numbers given on parks' official websites. Announcements are also available on Most of the courses will start on 1 June.

Learn languages in Tsaritsyno Museum Estate and floristry art in Gorky Park

Gorky Park has prepared a varied summer educational programme including free foreign language lessons. Until the end of August, learn English with native speakers on Fridays, and join in learning French on Sundays.

Besides, starting from 1 June, Gorky Park will host floristry lessons on Saturdays and stretching classes on Mondays and Saturdays to improve body stretching and even learn to do the splits.

In addition, you may learn various dancing styles throughout the summer. It is easy to master swing, Brazilian zouk and zizomba even for beginners. Classical ballet classes will also wait for their students. There is also a fencing school to be open in the park for the first time.

English courses will launch in Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, held from 1 June to 31 August on Thursdays. Besides, free language classes will be given in Perovsky Park, Vorontsovo Estate, Hermitage Garden and Bauman Garden. Schedule is available on the parks' websites.

Fitness in Neskuchny Garden and tango in Fili Park

Throughout the summer, Neskuchny Garden (Gorky Park), Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora and Khodynskoye Pole Park will be hosting free running and functional workouts, dance lessons and mixed martial arts classes under the guidance of professional coaches. Outdoor training will take place from 06:00 pm till 09:00 pm on weekdays and from 10:00 am till 04:00 pm on weekends. One group may include 20 to 60 people. To attend the classes, you need to register on the parks' websites, where you will also find full training schedule and further information about training programs.

This summer, a football club for adult ball games fans is to open in Raduga Ponds Park, with trainings both on weekdays and weekends. Everyone may become a player of one of the four amateur club teams. For those who prefer individual sports, Tagansky Park offers other sports types, namely, a tennis club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and boxing classes on Saturdays. You may learn boxing in  Vorontsovo Estate as well, with classes to be held on Saturdays.

On Saturdays, Fili Park will delight its visitors with milongas —  Argentine tango parties. Both experienced dancers and beginners will have an opportunity to learn a few moves and find a partner to dance with.

The Hermitage Garden will host free lessons of tango, salsa, forró and Scottish dances until the end of September on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Besides, you are welcome to dance to jazz improvisation on Thursdays.

Proper cold water therapy in Kuzminki Park and dogs training in Northern Tushino Park

On Sundays, Northern Tushino Park offers to master whip freestyle (a kind of fencing with whips). On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, you may attend free flanking sabre classes.

Your pets can learn something new as well at dog training lessons. Experienced dog handlers will help dog owners to understand their pets, teach them various tricks and even prepare them to perform at competitions. The classes are to be held daily. Also, Dog Club is to bring together dog lovers on Sunday mornings in Olonetsky Proyezd Park to have classes conducted by a dog handler.

On Tuesday and Friday mornings, Kuzminki Park invites everyone to attend the meeting of the Cold Water Therapy Сlub. Guided by a professional coach, you will boost your immunity, do exercises and enjoy open-air trainings.

Until autumn, Moscow parks will be arranging hundreds of clubs, courses and studios with free admittance for citizens to find a hobby to their liking and spend some quality time.

Summer season in parks launched on 1 May. Green recreation areas boast diverse sports infrastructure,  including workout grounds, courts, football fields, jogging and cycling  tracks, as well as sports equipment, scooters, segways and bicycles for rent. In addition, 37 Moscow parks invite everyone to attend yoga sessions. 150 experienced certified coaches will teach you wellness regimen and help anyone to choose a program both for beginners and for more experienced yogi.


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