Sugudai, buuz and chak-chak. Get acquainted with national dishes of Russia with the Russpass service

November 4
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The online magazine Russpass Mag has published a digest of 10 national Russian dishes and their recipes. Readers will learn how to bake a Tula pryanik or a real St. Petersburg fritter in their own kitchen, how the Buranovskiye Grannies made Udmurt shortcakes famous at the Eurovision Song Contest, and why Perm's small pies called posikunchiki are called exactly that way.

The gold of Tatarstan and the symbol of the Kursk region

Hard to find someone who hasn't tried chak-chak at least once in their life. This bakery is called the gold of Tatarstan. Chak-chak is a welcome gift for important guests, it is given to newlyweds and sold in all the souvenir shops. How to prepare such a dish at home, users will learn in the digest.

Another traditional dish of the Kursk region, garbuznya, is not difficult to master either. This is millet porridge with pumpkin. The original recipe has become one of the symbols of the region, and the dish has entered the menus of cafes and restaurants.

Fish is the main point

Readers will also learn how to cook a sugudai in the Baikal style. The main ingredient of this dish is fish. As a rule, it is broad whitefish, muksun, coregonus or bream. In Baikal, they cook a variation that is special — with artic cisco. An interesting fact is that in the village Listvyanka, Irkutsk region, a whole gastronomic festival is held in honor of the sugudai.

Fish is an indispensable ingredient of the famous Astrakhan fish soup, which is cooked in large kettles on the banks of the Volga. This is how the locals celebrate Fisherman's Day.

Users can read about other dishes in the article as well. For example, about Ryazan cranberry flatbread (made from cranberry flour) or about buuza from the Republic of Buryatia, which is made from dough, adding beef or lamb.

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