“Street Artist” participants to speak about grateful spectators, family values and creation

March 20

To give a concert in the Music House or arrange an exposition in a high-prestige gallery — probably all people of art dream about it. However, it is not easy to get on the big stage, so artists-beginners have to search for other ways to make themselves known. The simplest decision is to go out and to share their art with passers-by, and it is the “Street Artist” project that helps musicians, poets and painters to do this. It was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic but resumed recently.

Who performs in Moscow under the open sky and how the public receives busked concerts — you will find it out in this mos.ru article.

“Street Artist” is five

The project started in November 2016 and was called “Street Musician” then. Only musicians could take part in it, and 11 concert venues were available for them. In 2018, the project was renamed, 31 more venues were opened, and the opportunity to perform on them was offered to representatives of all branches of art.

“This year, “Street Artist” will be five years old. The project equalizes the chances of creative people to be heard. Moscow people and guests of the city involved in art can demonstrate their talents in the streets of the capital without competition,” says Granislava Artemyeva, assistant manager of the Moscow Producing Center.

If you want to take part in the “Street Artist” project, you should reserve a convenient concert venue online. The artist should select a date and time, then enter his personal data and the data of those who will perform with him. After that he will receive a booking confirmation on his e-mail; this letter as well as the passport should be presented before the performance.

The project is very popular, its venues see about 35 performances a day. Not only novice musicians and actors, but also well-known men of art participate in “Street Artist”. So, Max Girko, singer of the Respect Production label, presented in the Arbat Street his album “Level: Gruff Youth”. The Arbat Street also hosted the presentation of the album of Lena Katina, ex-soloist of the t.A.T.u. group. Actors of the Dmitry Brusnikin`s Workshop performed at several sites of the project.

Anastasia Gunter`s debut

For many musicians, performances in the “Street Artist” project became their debut. It was just the case of Anastasia Gunter.

The girl heard about the project by chance. She took note of a musical group that played regularly near her house, at the Slaviansky Bulvar metro station. Anastatia listened to them with pleasure, then she made friends with the musicians, it was them who told her about “Street Artist”.

“Taking part in this project became a valuable experience for me,” confides Anastatia Gunter. “It helps me feel more free, overcome embarrassment and stage fear. And the reaction of the audience gives a flood of positive emotions. At the beginning, my mum was an opponent of street performances, she believed that it was the fate of frustrated musicians. But then she saw me coming home so happy after concerts and she changed her mind. Now she is my ultimate supporter.

Anastasia plays the guitar and sings. Her repertoire includes both covers of famous singers and songs composed by herself. Besides the guitar, the girl plays the piano and the flute. Her passion for music was fruitful. Anastasia Gunter took part in Levi’s® Music Project, assembled the 44 Sorts of Cheese group and won a special nomination prize of the project “Playlist#Mosproducer | Music in parks”.

From Moscow to Madrid

Evgeny Golsky is a professional violinist, but he often plays outdoors. Evgeny began by playing in the underground. According to the musician, he had to pass through a casting to do it, while in the “Street Artist” project people are admitted freely.

The violinist gives concerts all around Moscow, but he has his favorite places: Ilyinsky Square, 1905 Goda Street, Kuznetsky Most street. Evgeny Golsky mainly plays popular melodies.

“Performances within the project let me first of all make acquaintance with different people. I made a link to my Instagram page and the number of my subscribers increased dramatically. I started to communicate with some of them and we still keep in touch. A lot of my Internet acquaintances live in other cities or even abroad,” says the musician.

Besides, according to Evgeny, thanks to “Street Artist”, he got a lot of invitations for various events. The project helped him make his dream of travelling abroad come true: in 2018 the musician performed on a street stage in Madrid during the Days of Moscow. Evgeny gave tree concerts there.

Best Friends group — a born drummer and Russian Kurt Cobain

Diana Iordanskaya, her husband Niikolay Petrovsky and her son Zhenya proved: rock-n-roll can be combined not only with a healthy lifestyle, but also with a happy family life.
Diana and Nikolai performed separately for many years. In Novosibirsk, their native city, Nikolay Petrovsky was even nicknamed Russian Kurt Cobain, because the musician not only looks like the leader of Nirvana but also successfully performs covers of this group. The passion for rock music was transferred to their son Zhenya; when the boy was 11, he started playing the drums, it was then that the family decided to join creative forces and establish the Best friends group.

The first public performances of the group were held as part of the “Street Artist” project. According to Diana Iordanskaya, the project was a memorable and rich experience for them.

“We gathered crowds of people. It looked like a miracle: we were standing in the center and a dense ring of people was arising around us. Every time it was like a real holiday,” recalls Diana. “The absence of distance between artists and spectators is very important for me. People often came to us, made our acquaintance, helped load instruments in the car. After our first performances we received messages from the spectators, they told us about our influence on their life decisions, they said that they also wanted to have a family and children, and it is probably the most important thing for us. We realized that we were doing something necessary”

A special place in the program of the Best Friends group is reserved for the songs by Nirvana, but the musicians sing songs by other well-known performers and the songs composed by themselves. Zhenya Petrovsky often recites poems by Sergei Yesenin.

The musicians promote their ideals in their original songs. All the members of the family lead a healthy lifestyle and respect the principles of vegetarianism, besides, they actively do charity work.

Diana Iordanskaya is often asked how she succeeded so much in raising her son. The singer confides that the secret is simple: the parents have never hindered the development of Zhenya`s talents, but always stood by his side.

“It is amazing, he was very little when he took two pencils in his hands and began to drum. Zhenya chose some pans and bowls himself in order to make the right sound. He could do it for hours,” says Diana.

The musical talent of the boy is not limited by the drum set, he also plays the guitar and the Russian gusli, and he sings well. Zhenya`s abilities were noticed during one of the street performances, he was invited to the Russian competition of young talents “Blue Bird”where the drummer reached the final. Besides, Zhenya took part in the program “Hello, Andrew!” and acted in a feature film.

Now the whole family is entirely devoted to music and constantly performs on tours. The young drummer had a chance to sing with Gipsy Kings, one of his favorite musical groups. The Best Friends moved to Gelendzhik for a while, but soon they plan to come back to Moscow and to go out again with guitars and drums.

Source: mos.ru

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