Stations with History: since Tsarist-era to MCDs

March 17

Moscow Central Diameters (MCDs) are hardly two years but some stations have more than a 100-year history. The large-scale construction of railways in Moscow started in the second half of he XIXth century. Some historic buildings remained from those times, other ones attained a new start as the state-of-the-art terminals. Millions of people pass by them without much thought of how many generations of passengers had seen such platforms.

Gothic Kuntsevskaya Station

Kuntsevskaya Station opened in 1874 is one of such examples. Kuntsevo Station became very popular then among Moscow cottagers. A gothic style building was erected here under the project of Ivan Strukov, Architect. The terminal was famous with its pantry, they said about it: “Nobody leave Kuntsevo hungry.”

Initially the building was orange but it was painted light green next and pale grey later. By Belorussko-Savelovsky MCD-1 (Odintsovo - Lobnia) startup the station was improved and the historic terminal - preserved. Its entrance is closed for passengers, the cash pavilions with pay-gates are envisaged for them. There are several more historic structures nearby: former switch-man's house, former stable building close to the oil pumping-station and electrical signal tower.

Kuntsevskaya MCD station allows changing to Filevskaya and Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line stations of the same name. And in future the passengers will advance to a new subway Big Orbital Line station by the underground walkway.

From Smolensky to Belorussky

In 1870 a sixth terminal, Smolensky, was built in Moscow. It changed names several times: in 1871, it became Brestsky, in 1912 - Alexandrovsky and in 1922 - Belorussko-Baltiysky. It started being named as Belorussky as late as since 1936. In 1941 Muscovites headed off to war from here, and the Victory Train arrived here also in 1945. The Sviashchennaya Voina (Holy War) song, having become on of the Grate Patriotic War anthems, was heard from the Belorussky terminal for the first time.

Belorussky terminal today is one of the most popular first diameter stations, around 17 thousand passengers arrive here on weekdays. One can change to the stations of Circle and Zamoskvoretskaya metro lines of the same name from here.

20th Verst - Bakovka

Bakovka station built in 1894 has a great history as well. It was called 20th Verst initially. It had a small terminal building erected as preserved on photos only. The station was renamed later and the Bakovka settlement has grown nearby, well loved by wealthy Muscovites. For example, Grigory Sokolnokov, member of the CPSU CC Political Bureau and Semyon Budyonny, Marshal, had cottages here.

The station large-scale reconstruction has finished this year. A new platform with rain and snow sheds and additional underground terminal with cash-offices, pay-gates, lavatories and baby changing facilities appeared here. 20 minutes are required now to get from here to the new Slaviansky Boulevard suburban terminal opened in 2020, with change to the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line.


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