Start-up conference, franchising and fashion: Moscow Week of Entrepreneurship's programme

May 27
Economy and entrepreneurship

From 27 to 31 May, Moscow will host the Moscow Week of Entrepreneurship for the second time. Its programme includes five major SME business events.

Moscow Forum of Entrepreneurs

Moscow Forum of Entrepreneurs to be held on 27 May at the Dynamo Stadium is to become the major event of the week. It is to bring together more than 22,000 visitors, as well as 300 Russian and international speakers, with entrepreneurs, journalists, public and cultural figures among them.

The Forum programme is divided into seven themed tracks dedicated to the major aspects of SME development in Moscow. This year, it was the entrepreneurs to choose topics and composition of speakers.

Participants of the 'Future' themed section will discuss the development of youth entrepreneurship, business digitalisation and unusual ways to attract customers. During the 'Let's Get Married, or Fight for the Customer' talk show, banks will present the latest achievements and services to support entrepreneurs.

'Community' track speakers will discuss topical issues such as self-employed business, social entrepreneurship and ease of doing business in Moscow.

'Simple Things?' workshops will give entrepreneurs step-by-step guides on how to open coffee shops, catering points, beauty salons, nail shops or barbershops.

'New Hero' event will also feature an important part of the programme. Session attendees will talk about an entrepreneur's image and businessmen's influence on culture development.

Issues of control and supervisory activities, the rights of consumers and entrepreneurs will be discussed in 'Business Under Protection' cluster.

'Trends' section will focus on re-consumption and children's goods and services market. 'Opportunities' cluster will show Forum attendees a business navigator to facilitate entrepreneurs' participation in procurement.

The Forum will finish with awarding the 'Breakthrough of the Year' winners. The awarding ceremony will be followed by a musical performance.


On 27 May, Dynamo Stadium will host 'Transformation-6', one of the world's major business intensives to develop entrepreneurial competencies.

Its participants are to be trained throughout the day without lunch and coffee breaks. Business coach Radislav Gandapas, author of the bestseller '100% Marketing' Igor Mann, public figure and writer Irina Khakamada, producer Iosif Prigozhin and many others will share their experience, with hip-hop singer Timati as a special guest.

It is expected that about 12,000 people will visit 'Transformation-6'. Free registration is required.

Moscow International Franchising Forum

On 28 and 29 May, Digital Business Space venue will host Moscow Franchise Expo 2019, the International Exhibition and Franchising Forum.

Forum business programme will focus on the search for efficient industry solutions. Experts and market players will discuss recommendations for the authorities, relevant institutions and business community, which will promote developing of an innovative infrastructure for franchising and a comfortable environment for entrepreneurship, so that franchising remains a reliable and profitable business technology. 

The programme will comprise a two-day 'Franchise Design and Finance. Legal aspects of franchising. Franchise development from A to Z' intensive conducted by high-profile Russian experts, faculty members of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and professionals in Russian and international patent law.

Startup Village

From 29 to 30 May, Startup Village, the 7th annual international startup conference for tech entrepreneurs, will be held at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

Startup's creators will have an opportunity to meet the investors and present their projects. Entrepreneurs from different countries will share their expertise and knowledge. Besides, major tech corporations, government officials and development institutions will discuss technology trends and methods to develop a new generation of Russian entrepreneurs.

Startup Village programme features three key events. The conference programme includes about 150 sessions covering all tech business areas. The startup competition will provide the participants an opportunity to present their projects to technology and business development experts and win a cash prize. At Startup Bazaar exhibition, young teams will have a possibility to present their promising solutions — from prototypes to finished products.

Exhibition of Moscow fashion businesses and brands

From 29 to 31May, the exhibition of fashion businesses and brands is to be held. The Vinzavod Centre of Modern Art will bring together fashion industry representatives: marketplace organisers, fabrics and accessories manufacturers,  promotion agencies experts, and many others.

Visitors will have an opportunity to choose fabrics, agree on the production of fashion collections, learn about the educational programs of the leading design schools and meet with photographers, stylists and artists.

A separate hall will host a showroom, where the founders of modern local brands will meet with Russian and foreign buyers and major retailers. For more productive communication, meetings will be held in the Speed Dating format. Each brand will have 5 to 7 minutes for presentation.

Entrance is free, but registration is required.


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