Spindle trees, blueberries and chrysanthemums: the Flower Jam gardens survive bad weather

September 30
Parks and pedestrian areas

Five gardeners look after the gardens created in the capital for the Flower Jam landscape design festival. They go around all the sites and assess the plants health.

"Autumn makes one pay special attention to observing correct watering schedule: care should be taken that plants do not dry out, and have not been overwatered in rainy weather too. Besides, nearly all our gardens are home for hanging spur flowers —their foliage is so dense that rain does not penetrate to the roots. They need a special watering schedule, " the festival organizers said.

Gardens are watered strictly according to the recommendations of gardeners. As a rule, it takes place at night. In addition, specialists make sanitation and pruning of shrubs and perennials. Extra nutrition for garden plants is not yet required.

With the onset of autumn weather, the gardens changed their appearance. Chrysanthemum bush has blossomed on the Russian State Library steps. The festival’s first days main color was green, and now the garden boasts rich shades of pink and purple. The leaves of spindle trees, nandina, blueberries are getting purple shades, and bright rowan berries attract birds.

The garden at the TsUM (Central Department Store) looks brighter in rainy weather. Against the background of gray sky, the green color of leaves becomes even more vibrant, and the red color is in stronger contrast to the structures.

"Once the festival is over, perennial plants will be cut and placed over the nursery territory, bushes and trees will be covered with sawdust to protect roots from freezing cold. Southern outdoor plants that do not survive winter in the central part of Russia will move to greenhouses," the festival organizers added.

The Flower Jam Festival has been held since 2017. This year it takes place at 35 venues until October 1. In 2019, the project participants’ gifts to Muscovites were 42 summer gardens, 15 thousand flower beds and four new city parks. 7.7 million residents and guests of the capital visited the festival venues.

Source: mos.ru

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