Specialties, history of agriculture and advanced technology: Golden Autumn highlights

October 4, 2019

4 through 13 October, Moscow is hosting Golden Autumn food festival. It will cover 1,500 sites throughout the city. You will find four of them in the city centre, with 27 venues located in other districts. Also, there will be 96 weekend fairs, 22 farm markets and 1,386 chain stores running. For the first time, Red Square is to be the main festival venue. The festival's program has been discussed at a meeting of the Moscow Government Presidium.

Food events

Traditionally, festival guests will try and buy the best seasonal farm products. Participants from Russian regions are expected to bring some 250 tons of products, including 230 fish and seafood varieties, 120 cheeses and dairy products, 100 kinds of meat and meat specialties, more than 100 vegetables and fruits.

56 shopping chalets on Red Square will offer a wide variety of best products from dozens of Russian regions. 16 restaurants will treat to original Kuban borscht, spicy pumpkin soup, shurpa, kagai shurbi (Chuvash offal soup), Siberian dumplings, grilled Onega vendace, pea and wild mushrooms porridge, meat ayran chertlama (a kind of pancakes), zhalbaur (Balkar-style lamb liver), roe deer back roasted with hazelnuts, as well as Tula lapti (bast shoes) (traditional Tula potato pies), Murom sweet rolls, assorted Crimean chebureks, echpochmaks and chak-chak.

Photo by: mos.ru. Yuliya Ivanko

On Revolyutsii Square, you will find a variety of farm cheeses: Cachotte with various toppings, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, traditional French cheeses (Langres, Banon, Époisses, Boulette d'Avesnes, Sainte-Maure de Touraine, Brie, Brillat-Savarin), Ozeritsky and Meschera semi-hard cheeses and even cheese candies.

Meat specialty fans will enjoy ostrich and elk meat products, steppe horse meat balyk, kazylyk (horse meat sausage) and other exotic products.

Guests can also buy:

— various sauces (gooseberry, blackberry, satsebeli, apricot-and-rosemary, apple adjika), as well as pickled spicy plums and fried eggplants in tomato sauce;

— chili, lime and mint, green walnut, barberry, dogwood or lingonberry jam;

— pureed sweetened berries (cloudberries, wild strawberries, gooseberries, blueberries, arrow-wood berries);

— herbal teas;

— Russian stove dried mushrooms (porcini, aspen, chanterelle).

Try smoked brisket (marbled beef smoked for 16 hours), soup with bryndza dumplings, mussels and seafood tom yam, cheese soup, grilled Halloumi cheese, potato waffles with herrings and capers, pike rissole in hot bun with Gurian cabbage, black burgers, shrimp burgers, Chorizo sausages with various sauces, grilled vegetables, butter cream pear pies, bagels and bubliks.

Cultural events: master classes, concerts and technology

Golden Autumn will include more than 400 free cooking classes. Learn how to cook delicious and filling autumn meals of seasonal vegetables, and favourite food of residents of different regions of Russia and other countries. Moreover, you will master historical cooking (in particular, a festive medieval menu or a menu of collective farms and pioneer camp canteens), cooking seafood treats or food we know from popular films.

4-13 October, join master classes on Red Square, Revolyutsii and Slavy squares, in Pererva, Profsoyuznaya, Gorodetskaya, Mitinskaya, Matveyevskaya and Svyatoozyorskaya streets, Dmitriya Donskogo and Orekhovy boulevards.

You can enjoy daily cooking shows, more than 240 performances and concerts, 350 handicraft workshops and 55 sports events, some thousand events in total.

Фото: mos.ru. Юлия Иванко

Red Square will feature a rural landscape, with a real Russian field with cereals growing, a garden with trees and berries, a pasture with wooden sculptures of animals and a mill decorated with graffiti of Soyuzmultfilm Studio cartoons. Visit the exhibition of various models of tractors, trucks and other agricultural machinery. The Smart Technology zone will tell about innovations in Russian agriculture, such as navigation systems, smart fertilisation and data analysis for forecasting and strategies, AIoT platform and apps for monitoring sensor data, drones to monitor crops growing and harvesting, and other developments.

Children will learn to cook traditional dishes of Russian regions, make original carpets, wood and vine crafts, knit and embroider.

Visit a cosy autumn town to open on Revolyutsii Square. Its patterned chalets will sell specialties from all over Russia and original meals from a special menu made by Moscow restaurateurs. Listen to ethnic music on the stage and attend a picturesque track arranged nearby to hold radio-controlled tractor racing.

Learn more about the history of agriculture at the exhibition 'Pulling Power Evolution: from Plough to Modern Machinery' to open along the passage from Manezhnaya Square to Revolyutsii Square. There will be 21 exhibits mounted, including rare tractors made in the USSR and modern Russia, as well as machinery from Austria, Italy, the USA and Germany to be brought from the Cheboksary Science and Technology Museum of Tractor History.

Made in 1917, Fordson tractor is the oldest vehicle on display. Other unusual specimens include:

— John Deere D (Deer & Company, USA, 1924) with its engine running so loud to be nicknamed by farmers Johnny Popper;

— tilling wheeled tractor STZ 15/30 (Stalingrad Tractor Plant, 1931) — the first Russian conveyor-made machine;

— tilling wheeled tractor DT-54 (Volgograd Tractor Plant, 1947) — the first Russian tilling tracked diesel tractor.

There will be one more Golden Autumn venue in the city centre opened in Shkolnaya Street, with two entertaining chalets running free daily master classes. Mosaic School will teach you to make artistic panels in a variety of styles: from pop art to classics. Attend open art lessons to try your hand in painting landscapes and still lifes and master pastose painting technique. You can take your finished painting with you.

Historical program: Dyakovo settlement residents, masked ball and agrarian revolutions

The district venues will offer a unique program, with some 1,500 reenactors and more than 1,850 open history lessons and interactive programs.

In Svyatoozyorskaya Street, history experts will arrange a Dyakovo settlement. The culture used to cover modern Russia from 700 BC to 500 AD.

Gorodetskaya Street will hold masked balls in the style of the European Middle Ages. You will also learn jewellery making and table manners of the time.

Matveyevskaya Street will have a small Mediterranean port town of the 19th century constructed. Visitors will enjoy master classes in navigational and shipping business, nautical charts navigation and Morse code.

Pererva Street will tell about agrarian revolutions, livestock care in different eras, the evolution of land cultivation tools and technologies.

Guests of Profsoyuznaya Street venue will immerse in Art Nouveau. On Yunosti Square in Zelenograd, you will see the warriors of the Artillery Chancery, clerks, cooks and musicians of the time of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the second tsar of the Romanov Dynasty.

More than two tons of pumpkins will be used to decorate district venues.

Source: mos.ru

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