Space New Year celebration: central streets' festive decorations

December 24, 2019

Warm up by the fire in the lounge area, take a picture in the aircraft with Belka and Strelka dogs and stroll through the 15 m long space tunnel in the central streets during the New Year holidays. 31 December till 5 January, Tverskaya, Mokhovaya and Okhotny Ryad streets are to host festive activities as part of the Journey to Christmas festival. Three streets will be pedestrianised for six days with their design and entertainment programme dedicated to space. By the New Year’s eve, the venues will have about 100 art objects.

7 m high each, four real fir trees will be installed in Tverskaya Street to be decorated with colourful airships and balloons, rockets and cosmonauts.

Central streets will have three festive venues, each about certain stages of space exploration. Tverskaya street will be divided into two themed zones: 'Dreaming of Earth and Sky. 1920s-1930s' and 'Conquest. 1950-1960s'. A site called 'Space Mission. 1970-1980s' will occupy Mokhovaya and Okhotny Ryad streets. Their colour scheme will include blue, crimson, light blue, purple and silver colours associated with space.

Build an aircraft and fly into space

The first festive venue will open in Tverskaya street to cover Kozitsky to Stoleshnikov lanes. You will immerse into the atmosphere of the 1920s and 1930s, when people only dreamed of conquering space.

Kozitsky Pereulok will feature 5 m rocket towers made of metal rods with special mechanisms inside. You can watch how various gears, pendulums and other device details move through the rocket frame.

Design solution

Look for two 'Launch Pads' installations next to the rocket towers. These fantastic rockets look like they are to take off any other second.

Festival guests are welcome to build a model of an unusual aircraft in vintage futurism style. Master classes will be held at 15 Tverskaya Street. You will find an 8 m high spaceship already mounted at the site. Everyone can sheathe it with aluminium and copper plates. But first, guests will emboss various New Year messages with warm words and congratulations.

Tverskaya Square opens Space Flight ride and carousel. Hemisphere metal frame will be installed on the spot. Metal tubes connected in a special way will resemble the orbits of the Solar system planets. However, the composition will be centred around not the Sun, but a spiral-shaped mirror Christmas tree. You can take a closer look at the unusual layout of this system, sitting in one of the swivel chairs.

Take a picture with Belka and Strelka and look at fishing cosmonauts

Find another New Year's site dedicated to the conquest of space between Stoleshnikov Pereulok and 1 Tverskaya Street featuring a 3D Belka and Strelka’s Rocket installation, a four-seat spaceship with renowned four-legged space travellers sitting inside, one of them holding a decorated Christmas tree in its paws. There are two empty seats in the rocket, just between space dogs. You are welcome to get into the cabin and make amusing photos.

Children's snowboarding and tubing grounds are to be arranged opposite Kamergersky Pereulok looking like a snow-covered area with low hills where the riders will be welcomed by glowing planet figures and small Christmas trees. Next to the riding place, you will admire a beautiful sculptural composition featuring two cosmonauts fishing stars out of a lunar crater with rods.

Take a walk through a space tunnel and find out the distance from Earth to Mars

Themed zone dedicated to the development of cosmonautics in the 1970s and 1980s will completely occupy two streets, Okhotny Ryad and Mokhovaya. Participants of the festivities will learn about travelling in extra-terrestrial space while passing through the 15m long Space tunnel with small spacecraft figures hanging from the ceiling. These will be models of both real Vostok-1 and Vostok-2 ships or the Lunokhod-1 self-propelled vehicle, and fantastic devices to fly to other galaxies. When creating sculptures of fantastic spacecraft, artists were inspired by Soviet postcards of the 1970-1980s. Tunnel porthole windows will feature futuristic drawings, including images of a space settlement, a New Year's cosmonaut party and even an expedition to Mars.

If you want to take a really unique picture, go to Okhotny Ryad Street to find over 2m high Solar System art object. This is a huge open book, the pages of which show a 3D layout of the Solar system. This art object will become a magnificent background both for your selfies and pictures of a large company.

Design solution

Travelling through festive Moscow streets, guests will learn the distance from Earth to Mars, Saturn and other celestial bodies with the help of 12 luminous navigation poles.

During the New Year festivities, all venues will host a variety of concerts, performances and shows. They will be running on four stages decorated with shimmering snowflakes. Lounge areas hidden in quiet alleys of snow-covered trees will offer you to take a rest and warm up around special hearths running on safe biofuel. Sit down next to the fireplace on comfortable benches, warm up and have some rest after a walk.

Moscow streets, parks, squares and embankments have been decorated for the New Year holidays. Over 4,200 illuminated objects and 300 Christmas trees create a festive mood in the city. You will find the tallest Christmas tree (30 m high) on Lubyanskaya Square.

Over 130 km of LED garlands, 100 km of beads, 150,000 ornaments and decorative elements have been used to adorn the grounds of Journey to Christmas festival. Giant 40m long and 20m high 'Light Architecture' arches have appeared in Novopushkinsky Park, Revolyutsii Square, Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya and Manezhnaya squares, and in Kuznetsky Most Street.

The main festival Christmas tree is mounted on Manezhnaya Square. It has an illuminated 50 m wide canopy.

Admire the 'starry sky' over the fountain on Tverskaya Square. The garland strings form a stylised sparkling Christmas tree, which seems to be suspended in the air.

You will also find 'starry sky' in Nikolskaya, Kuznetsky Most and Rozhdestvenka streets, in Kamergersky and Stoleshnikov lanes, on Yunosti Square in Zelenograd and festival grounds in parks.

This year, Journey to Christmas festival runs 13 December till 12 January in all Moscow districts. The main festivities will take place on Manezhnaya Square, Novy Arbat Street, VDNKh and Tverskoi Boulevard. The venues are to open daily, 11:00 am till 09:00 pm on weekdays, 10:00 am till 10:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

The festival will offer beautiful Christmas trees and magic light installations, ice shows, theatrical performances and concerts, as well as crafts and sporting master classes. You are welcome to learn playing curling or snowboarding. A plenty of chalets will sell souvenirs and special winter treats.

Journey to Christmas is the largest winter festival in Europe and the most popular festivity of the Moscow Seasons. Last year, 18.6 million people visited its venues.


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