Soyuzmultfilm multimedia park coming soon at VDNKh

August 14

A Soyuzmultfilm multimedia park is coming to VDNKh, according to a resolution signed by Sergei Sobyanin. The city will grant a subsidy to Soyuzmulfilm Studios to compensate for part of the expenses to create the park, which will be devoted to popular domestic cartoons.

The park will open in Pavilion 7 Seeds. The pavilion was built in 1978 to the design of architects Zoya Arzamasova and Tatyana Petrova together with engineer Dmitry Zemtsov. Major repairs of the 2,200-square-metre building finished this summer. During the repairs, the façade and the roof were renovated, and the stained-glass structure was replaced. Specialists fixed up the main entrance stairs and the large flowerbed with a fir tree in front of the ground floor.

The building was equipped with modern water, electricity, heating, sewerage, ventilation, air conditioning and fire alarm systems. The pavilion was made accessible for people with disabilities. Specialists put in a stair lift, a lift, ramps and tactile signs with Braille.

 The façade of the pavilion and the flowerbed were decorated with architectural lighting that will operate in everyday and festive modes.

The exposition will include multimedia attractions, such as Travel into an Animated Cartoon, Cartoon Characters and I, and A Room with a Lantern. In creating them, specialists used 3D animation, cutting-edge AR and VR technology, RTX, and motion capture whereby the animation is done with digitisation rather than manually.


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