Сount Sheremetev's legacy: restoration of the old busts in Kuskovo Museum Estate completed

October 31, 2019
Construction and renovation

Restoration of ancient busts located in Kuskovo Museum Estate has been completed, as reported by Head of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department Alexei Yemelyanov.  

In the mid-18th century, count Pyotr Sheremetev brought them from Italy to decorate the Estate's Park.

'Restoration of busts of Kuskovo Estate Museum is a real rescue operation, as the monuments were in poor condition. The restorers have cleared the busts of dirt, reinforced the stone surface and made crack injections, recreated all the lost fragments, eliminated all defects, and finally applied a special preservation coating,' said Alexei Emelyanov.

Weathering destroyed the author's plastic coating, cracked the surface, and changed the stone's colour. There were also visible scratches.

Research has found that the busts cannot be kept outside any longer to prevent their complete destruction. It was decided to send busts to the Museum, having replaced them with replicas.

It took masters about four months to make the replicas. They made them of polyester resin with marble chips, and then tinted them the colour of the original busts. Restorers copied the pattern of solid stone for each bust to preserve all the features and unique details the artworks have acquired over their long history.

Restoration of the Museum Estate's Park sculptures is in full swing now. 50 marble monuments, including busts and full-size sculptures, are to be renovated.

The issue of exhibiting the original busts is now being discussed by the Museum Estate's administration.

Ostankino, Kuskovo and Lyublino. A look into theatrical past of three Moscow estates

Kuskovo Museum Estate is the only estate of the 18th century, which has preserved its original appearance and architecture over more than 300 years. There is a Palace, several pavilions (Grotto, Greenhouse, Hermitage, Dutch and Italian houses), a church and a French Park on the Estate's grounds. The Estate's highlight is the Palace of the estate owners counts Sheremetevs.

Source: mos.ru

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