Сosmorama 18th: Museum of Moscow to open a new exhibition

July 11

On 12 July, the Museum of Moscow will open a display 'Сosmorama 18th' with exhibits from Museum holdings dating back to the 18th–19th centuries, works by contemporary artists and much more. Some of the exhibits are displayed for the first time.

The exhibition is dedicated to Moscow Governor General Mikhail Volkonsky and a writer, scientist and philosopher Vladimir Odoyevsky. The exhibition owes its name to his story 'Сosmorama'.

"It is particularly valuable that historical items from rich and unique collection of the Museum of Moscow take part in such an unusual immersive project. I hope that our artefacts will help visitors to immerse into the fantastic world of the outstanding Muscovite Vladimir Odoyevsky and into ancient Moscow of Mikhail Volkonsky," said Director of the Museum Alina Saprykina.

Artists Yegor Koshelev, Leonid Tskhe and Philippe Chaine will present utopian projects of the 18th century's Moscow. Stepan Lukyanov and North-7 Art Group reconstruct Odoevsky's study, with archival documents and optical mechanisms further displayed. Dmitry Brusnikin Workshop’s  artists Vasily Butkevich and Pyotr Skvortsov will read a humorous poem written by a playwright Andrei Rodionov.

Art critic and art historian Sergei Khachaturov and stage designer Stepan Lukyanov are curators of the exhibition. The exhibition has been created with the participation of the Historical Museum, the Museum of Architecture and private collectors.

It will run until 25 August.

Source: mos.ru

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