Some 60,000 people and 13,500 equipment units engaged in snow removal

February 13
City administration

Moscow utility service workers have removed some 1.1 million cubic metres of snow from city streets in the past 24 hours, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Utilities Pyotr Biryukov said.

“In the past 24 hours, about 1.1 million cubic metres of snow have been removed from Moscow streets. The effort involved some 60,000 people and 13,500 various units of snow removal equipment working around the clock,” Pyotr Biryukov said.

The heavy snowfall has not affected the operation of public transit, with Moscow Metro, railways and surface public transit operating as usual.

Overall, there has been 30 cm of snowfall since it started snowing. The situation is aggravated by freezing temperatures of -20°C and winds of up to 20 m/s. Warming stations and mobile kitchen trailers have been set up for city street cleaners.

At Moscow Mayor’s instruction, additional 12,000 workers using special equipment have been involved in cleaning underpasses as well as the streets and roads. Those include personnel and equipment of several engineering companies: Gormost, Mosvodostok, Moskollektor, United Energy Company, Mosgaz and others.

Street cleaners are also working to clean building roofs, where snow reaches one metre in spots due to strong winds. 

“The snowfall is still continuing; today we are expecting about four centimetres of snow. Our aim is to keep working and involve an increased number of street cleaners so that people and vehicles can move around the city with ease,” the Deputy Mayor emphasised.

During the snowfall, the work is underway around the clock to remove snow from streets, roads, pavements, sidewalks and courtyards, with continuous mechanical sweeping performed on roadways. During daytime, snow is removed from building roofs and projecting architectural elements.

The work also includes snow removal from main motorways, over 1,600 bridges, pedestrian underpasses, tunnels and fountains, as well as nearly 13,000 ventilation shafts. Special efforts are underway to clean surface public transport stops, with groups of street cleaners manually removing the snow around the clock.


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