Some 300 patients received treatment at the new day hospital of the Veresayev Hospital’s haematology centre

May 10

Some 300 haematology patients have received treatment at a new day hospital at the Veresayev Hospital’s haematology centre. The facility continues its work despite the coronavirus pandemic and provides a full range of medical services. The medical personnel wear personal protective equipment, have undergone special training and know how to detect a COVID-19 case.

“Technologies that allow us to replace overnight hospital stay are actively introduced in the city medical system to provide specialised care to a larger number of patients. For instance, the new haematology centre with a day hospital at our clinic has increased the number of admitted patients by 17 percent,” said Vasily Shuvayev, head of the Veresayev Hospital’s haematology centre.

The haematology centre opened in December 2019 and offers day and overnight hospitals, as well as haematology outpatient services. In the first month, 45 people were admitted; 75 people were treated in March.

During the pandemic, the day hospital is safer than the overnight treatment facility. In addition, patients’ lives are not disrupted. The haematology centre’s day hospital is fitted with cutting-edge equipment and employs skilled professionals.

The treatment at the Veresayev Hospital’s haematology centre is covered by the mandatory medical insurance. A patient’s therapist in the home area  will a patient  to the hospital. To receive treatment at the day hospital, one can request an appointment with a haematologist at the Veresayev Clinical and Diagnostics Centre, or by phone +7 499 483 97 38 (from 8.30 am to 2 pm on workdays).


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