Sokolniki Park: Unique way to welcome spring and bid winter farewell

February 15, 2018

A giant spiral structure will spring up in Sokolniki Park on 18 February, the last day of Maslenitsa (Pre-Lent Week). The original installation will be on Fountain Square and remain there until mid-March. The figure will be manually assembled from two metal flexible poles. It will be four metres high and two metres wide.

The installation will encompass 24 terms symbolising positive and negative aspects of winter. ‘Snowflakes,’ ‘rosy cheeks,’ ‘tangerines’ and other pleasant associations will be carved out of metal while ‘blizzard,’ ‘snow storm’ and ‘icy roads’ will be cut out of fabric.

“The installation will be set on fire on 18 February instead of the Maslenitsa effigy. All negative sides of winter placed inside will burn while the positive ones will remain intact. This will be our farewell to winter as we hope that spring will bring with it plenty of sunshine and warmth,” Sokolniki Park Artistic Director Andrei Koposov said.

In addition to Sokolniki, 21 parks supervised by the Moscow Department of Culture will be involved in festivities. At a street fair in Gorky Park people will be able to buy farm produce and try delicious blini. The Hermitage Garden plans sports competitions such as tug of war and wooden horse races. Another traditional Russian entertainment on the programme will be Maslenitsa braiding.

At the Tsaritsyno Museum and Reserve, skomorokhi (traditional carnival characters) and characters from fairy-tales and popular cartoons will entertain visitors. There will also be blini to sample prepared with various fillings plus there will be a contest to take part in traditional Russian dances, Barynya and Yablochko.


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