Soap making, pastille, skydiving: Russpass ideas for traveling around Kolomna

March 30
Tourism and travels

Travelers who are going to visit the city of Kolomna near Moscow can diversify the itinerary with interesting events. The ideas of active recreation are published in the online magazine Ruspass Mag. 

In just one day, you can get acquainted with the historical architectural sites of Kolomna, as well as with traditional crafts. For example, a delicacy using ancient technologies is produced at the museum factory of pastilles, which can be enjoyed during costumed excursions. In addition, the museum has its own theater.

It is also worth visiting the Kalachnaya Museum. Visitors will be shown where and how to prepare kalachs according to Old Russian recipes, and then treated to tea and fresh pastries. Other types of pastries - papushniki and presnushki - are also on the menu.

The museum of the Dushistye Radosti manufactory (means: Fragrant Joys) shows the development of soap making and perfumery in Russia. Items, exhibits, sounds and aromas will bring back the 19th century.

Supplement your pleasant impressions of Kolomna with extreme sensations. There is an aeroclub not far from the city, where one can try parajumping. There are options for experienced extreme athletes and for beginners.

There are offers on Ruspass for traveling to Kolomna by car. Look to the Road trips section and choose a ready-made route that lasts from one to six days. For example, the Acquaintance with Kolomna route involves a two-day trip with a visit to the main attractions of the city.

The Russpass digital travel service helps planning trips around Russia. It ensures purchasing railway and air tickets, booking a hotel, a table at a restaurant and many other things. A couple of clicks provides one with individual itinerary along the selected tourist places or a ready-made offer. Travelers have access to over 1.5 thousand offers, including tours and self-tailored routes.

The service was initiated by the Moscow Government. The project implementation is supervised by the Tourism Committee jointly with Moscow’s Department of Information Technologies.


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