Snake safari: a new pavilion has been opened at the zoo

May 14
Parks and pedestrian areas

At the Moscow Zoo a new pavilion with snakes, iguanas and turtles has been opened. This is a new type of exhibition: the animals are in real natural biotopes and visitors can interact with some of them. Snake safari is a unique format for Russia.

The exhibition area includes three halls. The first one is inhabited by iguanas and turtles. There are no fences or glass, visitors literally fall into the South American forest where iguanas sit on branches and trunks of trees, and turtles swim in a small river or relax under streams of a waterfall. Visitors can even participate in feeding the animals but this is done strictly with the permission of the guide who evaluates the mood and condition of the animal.

Another hall is dedicated to the scaly animals that can be found in our latitudes: vipers and grass snakes. About 50 specimens live in two enclosures. In the third hall there are exotic snakes: the bush snake - a resident of Northern Vietnam and Southeastern China, the rhinoceros snake who was saved from extinction thanks to the work of herpetologists around the world. In addition, visitors will find creeping inhabitants of the United States, Brazil, Turkey, France, the Russian Far East and the island of Kunashir.

The pavilion is open seven days a week. The timetable of excursions can be found on the Moscow Zoo website.

Earlier, there was a technical area on the new pavilion place. After reconstruction and repair, all conditions for keeping animals here have been created. In the Moscow Zoo, you can also see reptiles in the Terrarium pavilion and at the Amazing World of Reptiles exhibition.


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