Snails in Love and wooden Art Nouveau: Discover Moscow invites you for an online walk

December 10, 2020

To visit Moscow’s Switzerland and see a monument to snails in love, to learn where the cradle of the Russian Army is and discover which of the city’s artificial reservoirs was its first — all these things can be done without leaving home. The Discover Moscow portal has launched a series of virtual walks around the city, as part of the My District programme. Almost all of the tours are beyond the Garden Ring.

The routes in Preobrazhenskoye and Kurkino were the first to be published.

“Each of the Moscow districts has its specific features which are worth learning about. The joint portal of Discover Moscow and the Mayor’s programme My District, which offers a series of stories about places of interest in the city, can help with this. The first story is about two districts that are off the beaten track — Preobrazhenskoye and Kurkino. For example, users will find out where traces of the pre-Peter Russia have survived in Preobrazhenskoye and what is so unique about the Kurkino environment. The portal provides a detailed description and photos for each point of interest on the itinerary. You can make this informative trip while in your own home,” said Sergei Shakryl, culture and tourism IT project curator of the Moscow Department of Information Technology.

The first mention of Preobrazhenskoye dates back to 1661. Then, two new churches — the Assumption and the Transfiguration (Preobrazheniye) churches — were built in a small village, which was named after the latter. The Preobrazhenskoye tour includes more than 10 sites related to the history of the district. Among them are Cherkizovo Park with the oldest artificial reservoir built in the 14th century, the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Old-Rite Transfiguration Monastery and a monument to the Preobrazhensky Regiment in Preobrazhensky Val Street (this is where Peter the Great began forming the regular Russian Army). In addition, during the online tour you can see Yauza Palace and Merchant Nosov's Mansion, one of the few wooden Art Nouveau buildings that has survived in Moscow, and take a look at a number of other sites.

Once a village, Kurkino expanded to become a large Moscow district in the 1990s. It boasts a unique environment, including Skhodnya River Valley nature park in the north-west. Thanks to its vegetation and natural landscape, Kurkino is dubbed Moscow’s Switzerland. Using the Discover Moscow portal and My District programme, Moscow residents and visitors can find one of Kurkino symbols, the Snails in Love sculpture, take a virtual tour of Palmira and Four Elements parks, and visit the unique architectural and park complex of the Church of Vladimir Icon of Our Lady dating from the 17th-18th centuries.

Soon the portal will post 11 more routes, which will help you learn more about the places of interest in Moscow districts.

Discover Moscow is a joint project by the Moscow Departments of Information Technology, Culture, Cultural Heritage and Education. The interactive guides to Moscow landmarks have descriptions of more than 2,000 buildings and facilities, 658 monuments, 326 museums, 74 quests and over 140 themed walking routes.

My District is a project by the Moscow Mayor aimed at creating a comfortable environment for recreation, walks and doing sports in every corner of the city.


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