Slava Technopark's innovative projects

March 23
Economy and entrepreneurship

There are more than 70 innovative companies operating in Slava Technopark. They are engaged in biomedicine, instrumentation, energy and IT.

'Moscow's technoparks are a perfect platform to house residents engaged in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, radio electronics, energy, and IT. They develop and manufacture innovative products to solve various issues the city faces. Supporting technoparks is one of the Department's priorities. We have recently started accepting applications for residents' grants. The submission period will close on 30 April,' said Alexei Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations.

One of the Slava Technopark residents produces automated systems for managing, accounting and distributing energy resources, instrumentation, software for agriculture, motor transport, fuel and energy complex, housing and utility services.

Automated environmental monitoring systems and medical lab equipment are also produced herein the Technopark Also, it houses a Russian manufacturer of products for molecular genetic human identification. This technology is used in various branches of science, including criminology.

Фото: Пресс-служба Мэра и Правительства Москвы. Денис Гришкин

Another Technopark's resident produces and supplies Russian enterprises with biological means to protect vegetable and ornamental crops from insects. In July 2020, the company is to open a new production facility to ramp up production by almost 10 times.

Besides, Technopark provides video and audio signal distributing and processing equipment.

Today, there are 36 technoparks in Moscow. They employ more than 1,970 residents and other lessees (13 being anchor residents). Additionally, four priority investment projects to establish technoparks are being implemented. Technoparks offered more than 60,000 jobs.

Technopark's residents enjoy various subsidies offered by the Moscow Government, which, in particular,  enables companies to reduce their tax burden by up to 25%. Also, residents enjoy a reduced regional portion of the income tax rate down to 12.5% and land tax to 0.7%, as well as property tax exemption. They can take advantage of a reduced land rent rate of 0.01% of the cadastral value of a land plot and get compensated for the equipment purchase cost.

Management companies of technoparks get subsidies to partly reimburse the cost of interest on loans taken for creation or growth of the Technopark's assets.


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