Shops, dry cleaner's and bicycle rentals: What restrictions will be lifted on 1 June

May 28
Social sector

High alert restrictions have been extended through 14 June in Moscow. At the same time, starting this Monday, walking in parks and public gardens and exercising in the open will be allowed. Non-food stores and some domestic service shops will re-open. Bicycle rentals will also be available to Muscovites.

“As of 1 June 2020, we are starting the second stage of relaxing the restrictions as many retail outlets and community services will re-open, and city residents may go out for walks, but with some restrictions,” Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

Non-food stores and community service shops will open

On 1 June, car showrooms and non-food stores including hypermarkets will re-open. Dry cleaner's, laundries, shoe and clothes repair shops and other domestic service shops may also start receiving customers. Weekend markets will also re-open. Safety requirements for trade outlets and services are the same as for food stores. Store employees and customers must wear face masks and gloves and maintain social distancing.

Walks and sports in the open

Starting 1 June, people may go out for walks and do exercise on the streets.   People diagnosed with COVID-19 or with suspected COVID-19 or with signs of acute respiratory viral infection and any people living with them must still remain at home.

People will not need a pass for walks or exercise, but a face mask will still be necessary. If you want to go to a park where you have to drive or go by public transport you need a pass which you can obtain not more than twice a week. 

At work, in pharmacies, shops and other public places, and on public transit people must also wear gloves.

Bicycle rentals will open on 1 June. Messengers were allowed to use bicycles from 10 April and now bike-share will be available to all Muscovites. Even though the bicycles will be disinfected, Muscovites are requested to wear gloves and to wipe the handlebar grips, pedals, brake levers and other parts of the bicycle with antiseptic after a ride.


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