Shopping centres open again

June 2
Social sector

Sergei Sobyanin visits Kosino Park Shopping and Leisure Centre: Sticking to the sanitary rules is a must in such places.

“It is very important for us not to return to where we started and not to have to close shops again, which would be extremely undesirable,” said the Moscow Mayor.

As 1 June non-food shops and shopping centres starting working in Moscow. Car dealers, dry-cleaners, laundries, shoe and clothing repair shops as well as other consumer services opened up for business again. Personnel and customers must wear masks and gloves at all times and remember to keep to social distancing.

“We must all observe precautionary measures in order to get out of this situation that we are facing because of the pandemic. So far, thank goodness, it seems like everything is working out as planned,” Sergei Sobyanin added.

According to Ivan Minayev, Director of a sports superstore at the Kosino Park centre, the flow of customers is constantly being monitored and staff are in place making sure people are wearing PPE.

“Everything is in conformity with sanitatary measures; we divide people into groups of certain numbers per area and the entire staff have PPE: masks, gloves and sanitiser. At our entrance if customers don’t have PPE we give it to them,” Mr Minayev said.

On 1 June Moscow launched a new stage of mitigating the restrictions imposed because of the spread of the coronavirus. Now people in Moscow following a special rota are allowed to go for strolls and exercise outdoors wearing masks. No permits are required.

Bicycle rentals are already working again and there are plans to open weekend markets. However, mass events are prohibited and restaurants and cafes must still remain closed.

The high alert regime has been extended until 14 June. Work permits have automatically been renewed to the same date. No additional information is required either for travelling with service certificates, including those containing a letter-digital code.


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