Seven districts, ten stations: Help for 700,000 people on Biryulyovskaya Line

January 22
Construction and renovation

The new Biryulyovskaya Line, due to cross seven city districts, will allow over 700,000 people in Moscow to use the metro. It will link the Danilovsky District, Nagatinsky Zaton Moskvorechye-Saburovo, Tsaritsyno, Vostochnoye Biryulyovo, Zapadnoye  Biryulyovo and Pechatniki.

“People in Moscow  have been dreaming about using this line for a very long time now. It will considerably improve transport services in Moscow’s southern districts. So far, people living in the Zapadnoye and Vostochnoye Biryulyovo districts have to use the Tsaritsyno, Kantemirovskaya and Prazhskaya stations, located six to 6.5 kilometers away from their homes. The new line will make people’s transport routine much easier,” said Yuliana Knyazhevskaya, Chair of the Moscow’s Committee for Architecture and Urban Development.

The 22.2-km Biryulyovskaya Line will intersect with the yet unfinished Troitskaya Line and the existing Zamoskvoretskaya Line. It will have ten stations, including ZIL, Ostrov Mechty, Klenovy Bulvar, Batyunino, Moskvorechye, Kavkazsky Bulvar, 6th Radialnaya Street, Lipetskaya, Zagorye and Biryulyovo.

These unofficial station names may be subjected to change. Cycling lanes and zebra crossings, as well as car parks, will be located near the stations.

“We tried to choose the least harmful routes, so as to preserve the local environment. The new line will be built 30 metres beneath the ground, and it will pass under residential areas, the Moskva River and will also intersect with the Zamoskvoretskaya Line at this depth,” Igor Bakhirev, Deputy Director of the Moscow General Plan Institute, noted.

Biryulyovo residents have been waiting for the metro since the 1970s when the city started building high-rise blocks of flats in the former industrial workers’ town. The district’s population continued to increase, and it became necessary to build a metro line there. Although it was included in the General Plan 20 years ago, construction has been on hold.


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