Sergey Sobyanin on relaxing restrictions in the capital

May 31
Social sector

Restrictive measures will be relaxed in the capital as of 1 June. Walks are allowed while non-food retail shops and service enterprises will reopen, Sergei Sobyanin announced in his interview with Rossiya 1 TV Channel.

Car dealerships and bicycle rentals will resume operation, dry cleaning shops, laundromats, shoe and clothes repair shops and other services will begin to serve customers. This will allow some 300,000 Moscow residents to go back to work.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

So far, only those businesses where extended contact with customers is not needed may reopen. According to Sergei Sobyanin, there should be no rush during the pandemic as the contagion risk is still running high.

“We feel like reopening fitness centres, barbershops and beauty salons, too, but let me remind you that we still identify two to three thousand new cases every day. Even though the number of hospitalisations is falling, it still amounts to hundreds of people,” he said.

Earlier, on 12 May, practically all industrial enterprises resumed operation and the construction of some facilities was relaunched while from 25 May My Documents centres were reopened for customers. 

A special schedule has been drafted for taking walks and doing sports so as to avoid congregations of people and reduce the risk of infection. Doing sports is allowed daily before 9 am, and one can go out for walks from 9 am to 9 pm but no more than three times a week: twice on weekdays and once at the weekend. Walking outside is only allowed while wearing respirators, masks or other equipment that protect respiratory organs.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

The permit regime has been extended in the capital until 14 June. This will prevent a spike in travelling across the city. According to Moscow’ Mayor, a number of restrictions may hold until a coronavirus vaccine is available.

“I am afraid that the lockdown regime and those sanitary restrictions will last for a long time – until we get a vaccine. But this does not mean we must live locked-up all the time,” Sergei Sobyanin specified. 

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