Sergei Sobyanin: We have decided to involve as many hospitals as possible to combat COVID-19

April 6

Some 20,000 hospital beds have been prepared in Moscow to treat coronavirus patients, as Sergei Sobyanin reported in 'Week in the City' show on Russia-1 TV channel.

'We have decided to mobilise as many hospitals as possible to combat coronavirus. We are ready to face the challenge, with 20,000 beds prepared in regional, federal and private clinics,' Mayor pointed out.

High-profile Moscow clinics provide their assistance. Also, several other Moscow hospitals are opening special departments to treat COVID-19 patients, in particular, Spasokukotsky City Clinical Hospital, with one big department being repurposed. The first phase of construction and installation is scheduled to finish on 6 April, with the basement, first, fifth and seventh floors re-equipped. The second phase, which includes re-equipment of the second, third, fourth and sixth floors, is to complete on 14 April.

Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press service. Denis Grishkin

Repair teams have been working 24/7. They are changing the logistics inside the departments, arrange decontamination stations, and mount special equipment.

In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19, restrictive measures have been extended in Moscow. Sergei Sobyanin pointed out that citizens diligently control self-isolation on their own, even reprimanding neighbours or people who arrange picnics near the house. He also added that measures being taken in Moscow are tough, but they are crucial for the current situation.

'I believe there is no need to introduce permits to walk around the city so far. However, the police will monitor places of mass gatherings, public places and courtyards. Also, they will do random checks on the roads,' Mr Sobyanin added.

You are allowed to use private transport to get to a store or work (if your organisation is still open). Public transport follows the regular schedule to allow passengers to keep the safe distance.


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