Sergei Sobyanin: VDNKh aims to become one of the most advanced and attractive Moscow spaces

May 31, 2019

VDNKh aims to become one of the most advanced and attractive Moscow spaces. Sergei Sobyanin told Russia-1 TV channel.

"In recent years, we have been working hard to revive VDNKh, not only to revive, but to make it a more advanced and attractive site," said Moscow Mayor.

Work on the VDNKh's improvement and development started in 2014. Pavilions and fountains have been restored back to their original look. VDNKh has 49 cultural heritage sites, with about 40 historical buildings and facilities currently under renovation.

"The whole historical part of the parterre has been renovated. Every object has not just been renovated, but restored with a scientific approach. In fact, it reminds a time machine, when you suddenly find yourself in another epoch — the 50-60's of the 20th century," said Sergei Sobyanin.

Experts have already renovated  the main entrance arch and the Tractor Driver and Collective Farm Woman sculpture. Pavilion No. 62 Environmental Protection, Pavilion No. 13 Healthcare (Armenian SSR), No. 18 Republic of Belarus, No. 27 Physical Fitness and Sport, No. 28 Beekeeping, No. 47 Pig-Breeding, Building No. 421 Marriage Palace, and Building No. 516 Books Pavilion have been renovated.

The Cinema Museum opened in Pavilion No. 36.  New sites include Russia My History historical park, the City Farm and Handicrafts Park, as well as a pavilion with an interactive model of Moscow and a summer cinema plus a lecture hall. In April 2018, the updated Cosmos Pavilion was opened.

After about 30 years of being out of order, the complex of 14 fountains in the Central Alley and the Golden Spike fountain have been renovated,  together with Northern and Southern rose gardens.

In late April, the largest VDNKh fountains  — Friendship of Peoples and Stone Flower, built in 1954, started functioning. Their comprehensive restoration, the first in the 65 years, was launched in October 2018. 

On 24 May, Slovo Slavic Writing Centre, was opened in the restored Pavilion No.58, which for many years has hosted 'Agriculture' exposition, and further back — Ukrainian SSR's achievements exhibition. The Centre tells the history of writing and language development, offers master classes and insightful programmes.


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