Sergei Sobyanin tells about Moscow school education development

June 13, 2019

Moscow Electronic School (MES) is growing popular not only in Moscow and Russia, but also abroad. Sergei Sobyanin told about it live on TV Tsentr.

"We have opened MES not only for all Russian students and teachers, but we opened it to the whole world. Today, Moscow Electronic School's website is visited by specialists from Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and the USA interested in the process. MES is becoming a large-scale international project," said Moscow Mayor.

Last year, at the HundrED Educational Summit in Helsinki (Finland), MES was included in 100 major world educational projects. However, as Sergei Sobyanin noted, MES was created primarily for Moscow teachers, schoolchildren and their parents.

The project that had managed to combine traditional schooling methods and advanced digital technologies, was launched in 2016. Initially, it had only six schools involved, but today it has been joined by all the Moscow educational institutions. Instead of heavy paper textbooks, school students now use electronic ones, instead of classroom boards interactive panels have been installed. Gradebooks and diaries are now available online.

MES digital library contains quality interactive content for teachers. A teacher is free to use the best lesson plans to prepare his or her own lesson, and also upload unique files to the library. School students may also take advantage of all the best material freely available.

"The project allows taking self-tests, download homework, see other tutorials, not only those assigned. It promotes development of a completely different outlook and provides other opportunities," said Sergei Sobyanin.

At the same time, according to the Moscow Mayor, MES should help to find an individual approach to every student. It is important to take into account different abilities and capabilities of students.

"Individual educational pathway is the most important component to identify and develop all the talents our children have," said Sergei Sobyanin.

Equal opportunities at all schools

But the most important thing, as Moscow Mayor believes, is to make sure that students receive knowledge to be applied in real life, so each Moscow school should provide education that helps to enter the best Russian universities, choose future occupation, get pre-professional skills. For this purpose, most schools have opened specialised classes, such as medical, engineering and academic ones. In addition, pre-universities have been established on the basis of the universities.

"When we have started the education programme development, we have implemented this principle, that is to provide equal opportunities in all districts, regardless of where these districts are, at all schools. We have established proper financing, material support, IT-based management, new equipment and so on," said Sergei Sobyanin.

And we reap a harvest already. The All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren, held this April, showed that Moscow students won more than a half of all gold medals. In addition, over the past nine years, three times more schools that have prepared the Olympiad winners have been opened. Their number has increased from 74 to 227.

"Schools provide children an opportunity to be national winners, this is some real result," Moscow Mayor added.


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