Sergei Sobyanin speaks about the pandemic and healthcare development in 2021

January 3

Some 100,000 people have signed up for free COVID-19 jabs, Sergei Sobyanin said in an interview with Rossiya 1 television channel which has been posted on the Mayor’s official account in the VK (VKontakte) social network. More than 50,000 people have already received the vaccine, the Mayor said.

“Over the past few days, the daily number of people signing up for the vaccine has been over 10,000,” the Moscow Mayor noted. “I believe this number is going to grow, which is a good thing since it is very important. Everyone has to be aware that vaccination is essential for combating the pandemic: either we will live with it forever or we can get the vaccine and go through these regular seasonal outbreaks just like we do with the flu.”

According to Mr Sobyanin, Moscow has been hit the hardest by the pandemic as it is Russia’s largest city and its biggest transport hub. “Just the fact that Moscow has withstood the coronavirus and provided the necessary medical assistance to its residents is invaluable. We concentrated huge efforts and resources to achieve this. I am deeply grateful to our medical professionals who have worked on the front line, and of course huge thanks go to Moscow residents who have lived through this period and helped their loved ones and friends through it by showing sympathy and understanding,” the Mayor emphasised. 

The most advanced methods to diagnose and treat COVID-19 have been introduced in Moscow, with a network of outpatient CT imaging centres set up at outpatient clinics as well as five reserve hospitals with diagnostic and treatment capacities on a par with top multi-specialty hospitals. Also, an advanced lab service network has been created to process tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests per day. The city will continue efforts to boost its healthcare sector in 2021.

“Healthcare has been our priority for several years now, and this year the sector will have the highest allocations from the budget. First, the work is underway to build healthcare facilities with a total area of one million square metres. Second, dozens of healthcare facilities with an area of hundreds of thousands of square metres, are under reconstruction, including outpatient clinics. We are also implementing a large-scale programme for refitting medical institutions with the most advanced equipment and technology, as well as the digitisation of the healthcare system,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

According to the Mayor, the city’s healthcare should become more patient-oriented. “We could create better working conditions for medical professionals, doctors and paramedics and provide them with all the necessary cutting edge technology,” the Mayor added.

The large-scale COVID-19 vaccination campaign was launched in Moscow in December, with 70 vaccination centres set up at the city’s outpatient clinics.


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