Sergei Sobyanin signs resolution to provide additional payments to medical personnel treating COVID-19 patients

May 10, 2020

Doctors, paramedics, nurses, as well as medical attendants at city outpatient clinics, as well as ambulance and lab workers who provide assistance to patients with confirmed novel coronavirus infection and carry out lab tests are to receive additional financial support. A relevant resolution  was signed by Sergei Sobyanin.

The monthly payments will be as follows:

— Employees of the Puchkov Emergency Medical Care Station and the Research and Practical Centre of Emergency Medical Care who provide emergency care and medical evacuation will receive 50,000 roubles (doctors) and 30,000 roubles (paramedical personnel)

— Employees of outpatient CT centres and city outpatient clinics who detect COVID-19 patients and provide home medical monitoring: 70,000 roubles (doctors) and 50,000 (paramedical personnel)

— Employees of medical labs that do lab tests, as well as workers at anatomic pathology departments: 70,000 roubles (doctors), 50,000 roubles (paramedical personnel) and 30,000 (medical attendants and other employees).

It was decided earlier to provide an additional 70,000 roubles to doctors, 50,000 roubles to paramedical pwrsonnel and 30,000 roubles to medical attendants and other employees at hospitals that treat coronavirus patients.

The financial support is provided by the municipal budget in addition to the federal bonuses.

Moscow currently has coronavirus departments in 72 federal, municipal and private hospitals with a total of over 25,000 beds. The village of Voronovo (Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas) has a new infectious diseases hospital with 800 beds; if necessary, this number can be increased to 900. In addition to this, the construction is underway of temporary quick-mounting medical facilities at 13 city hospitals.

To learn more about the coronavirus prevention and treatment, call the hotline of the Moscow’s Healthcare Department at +7 495 870 45 09, or see the special project.

Coronavirus: Official information


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