Sergei Sobyanin: Record-breaking number of people have already visited Journey to Christmas

January 14

Journey to Christmas is indeed a Moscow's hallmark, not only the one of the most popular festivals among Moscow citizens, but also a good reason for foreigners to visit the Russian capital. Since the start of the year, some five million tourists have already visited Moscow, as Sergei Sobyanin reported in the ‘Week in the City’ show on Russia 1 TV channel.

'All the hotels are occupied, sold out in the centre. Guests have come from all over Russia. There are many visitors from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Tyumen, St. Petersburg, even from the Crimea. A lot of guests came from Germany, France, Italy and China,' said Moscow Mayor.

Since Journey to Christmas festival has been very popular among the residents and visitors to the Russian capital (over 21 million visitors since 13 December), it was decided to extend the festival until 31 January.

'We have made up for the lack of snow with warmth, light, master classes, performances, ice rinks and so on to create a festive atmosphere in the city,' Sergei Sobyanin said.

Photo by Maxim Mishin, Press Service of Moscow Mayor and the Moscow Government.

On 13 December, 81 Journey to Christmas venues opened throughout Moscow. Artificial ice rinks appeared on 15 grounds and have been visited by 360,000 people already.

Outdoor enthusiasts can learn to play curling in Shkolnaya Street or snowboard in Novy Arbat Street. Besides, the festival runs numerous concerts, master classes and ice shows.


New Year's celebration was the brightest Journey to Christmas event. From 31 December till 5 January, festival grounds were opened in Tverskaya and adjacent streets.

'The city centre hosted the most popular venues with Tverskaya and Okhotny Ryad streets closed for traffic. Six million people have visited them within a few days to set an all-time record,' Moscow Mayor added.

During the New Year’s celebration, the Moscow centre has seen over 250 performances held on four stages with 600 dancers and 100 athletes taking part. Guests joined some thousand workshops, attended street theatrical processions and intellectual games. Festive events were held within two special programmes — 'Moscow. Dreams of Space' (31 December till 2 January) and 'Moscow. Time of the First' (3-5 January).


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